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~ Kathy M.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

End of the Season Fishing Trip on Paulina Lake, 2012:

Last Sunday afternoon, after stopping to take pictures of the POLE CREEK FIRE, we continued on up to our boat at Paulina Lake Lodge.  Just the two of us this time, Cary and I left the marina behind us on our way to a favorite fishing spot.

The day was mild, sunny and clear.  It was not too warm, but sweatshirts or windbreakers were enough to keep the chill off.  I zoomed in a bit and took this picture of the resort cabins:

With Paulina Peak in the background, there was a boat heading toward the campground boat launch as we passed by:

Our destination was the red rock slide on the shore across the lake:

Paulina Lake was uncrowded with boats that day. Still, there were a few on the water besides us:

After getting to our spot, lowering the anchor and getting settled, we fished.  Neither of us caught anything that day, though we did get several bites ... one was big enough to actually break Cary's favorite pole!

I have just as much fun taking pictures when I am not actually reeling anything in.

We were enjoying watching the birds play and chipmunks scurry around.  They paid us no mind, and seemed to be enjoying the last days before the cold weather arrives.  Just like we were.

I noticed the memorial plaque on this rock next to shore.  After I got home, I enlarged it to read the inscription, which says, "In Loving Memory of John Dyer.  Fishing in Heaven"

This picture shows the expanse of The Big Obsidian Flow.  I did a blog post about it a couple of years ago.  If you want to read it, please "CLICK HERE".

It was time to start heading back.

We had a fun afternoon.  Today or tomorrow, we need to go back and bring the boat back home.  We sure did enjoy the lake this year.

Hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

~ Kathy M.

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Sioux said...


Gorgeous photos. They make me sad I'm land-locked here--the closest body of water there is the Mississippi, although the Missouri-Mississippi River confluence is 5 minutes away, and that IS a picturesque sight.

I read your comment on Tammy's blog about your beloved 4-legged friend. If you have not ever read it, I'd suggest checking out Cynthia Rylant's picture book "Dog Heaven." Don't buy it--find it in a bookstore, sit down in a comfy chair, and read it right then and there. It's a lovely book, and reassures us of what kind of life our dogs are living once they leave us.

Deb Gould said...

I have to tell you, Kathy, that this look just like Maine (except for the red rock slide part)! Looks just like spots I know on the Kennebec River -- beautiful. By the way, we watched TCU football today, hoping to get a glimpse of Your Favorite Quarterback...maybe next time!

Linda Reeder said...

Our summer has been lingering nicely, but it is bound to turn cold eventually, especially in the high country. What a lovely, peaceful day you had.

Kathy A. Johnson said...

Beautiful photos. I can't believe it's already "the end of the season." This summer seemed to fly by!

KathyB. said...

So beautiful, and the epitome of everything I love about your neck of Oregon. I wonder if the plaque was there because this was his favorite fishing spot?

I LOVE to fish. See, Kathy, we are kindred spirits in so many ways.

What a glorious way to spend time, fishing on a splendid sunny day with your sweetheart !

Jen Chandler said...

LOVELY! So glad you guys got to enjoy one last weekend on the water before the cold weather sets in. I love being on the water! Thank you for sharing these photos! I felt like I was right there with you and could almost hear the waves slapping against the side of the boat.


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