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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sepia Saturday #70 and April's A-Z Challenge: The Letter M is for the "McKenzie River Valley Hosts President Hoover"

The McKenzie River Valley of Oregon

Sepia Saturday's theme this week, the way that I took it, is kind of a "Where President's Go For Vacation".  One place that President Herbert Hoover liked to visit on vacation was the McKenzie River Valley of Oregon.  President Hoover loved to fish, and he also appreciated the pristine beauty of the valley.  So do I.  I lived there for 8 years before moving to Central Oregon, and I even have a blog about it (even though it hasn't been updated in awhile, it is still worth a look.  If you would like more info about the McKenzie, please CLICK HERE.)

Here are some pictures of what things looked like when Hoover was hanging out in the valley. 

Source: Lane County Historian, Vol. 44. No.2, Summer 1999

This photo was taken in 1915 of Martin's Rapids on the McKenzie River of Oregon.  Perhaps President Hoover fished this very spot:

 Source:  Lane County Historian, Vol. 44. No. 2, Summer 1999

The trees looked like this, and there were so many of them:

  Source:  Lane County Historian, Vol. 44. No. 2, Summer 1999

This one was taken in the nearby Willamette Valley at what is now Dexter, Oregon.  I just wanted to show you how big the trees were compared to the cabin, and how hard folks worked to set up their homesteads.

Source: The Lane County Historian, Vol. 41, No. 3 Fall 1996

So, here is a bit about President Herbert Hoover.

These photos are of President Hoover, but they were not taken on the McKenzie River. (I found them on the internet, but could not find exactly what I wanted.)  He fished all over the United States, and was a world-traveler millionaire before he became president.  In fact, he did not accept any money when he was in office, opting to donate his salary to charity instead.

 Source: Fishing Presidents

Herbert Hoover was America's 31st President.  He held office from March 4, 1929 until March 3, 1933.  Hoover was president when the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began, in 1929.  He was born on August 10, 1874 and died at the age of 90 on October 20, 1964.  His wife's name was Lou, and one of his boys had two pet alligators that roamed the White House grounds while the family was living there.

 Source: Orvis

Famous Quotes by President Herbert Hoover:

"Every time the government is forced to act, we lose something in self-reliance, character, and initiative."

"The sole function of Government is to bring about a condition of affairs favorable to the beneficial development of private enterprise."

"War is a losing business, a financial loss, a loss of life and an economic degeneration."

"The course of unbalanced budgets is the road to ruin."

"Free speech does not live many hours after free industry and free commerce die."

"When there is a lack of honor in government, the morals of the whole people are poisoned."

"Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die. And it is youth who must inherit the tribulation, the sorrow, and the triumphs that are the aftermath of war."

"True Liberalism is found not in striving to spread bureaucracy but in striving to set bounds to it."

"It is a paradox that every dictator has climbed to power on the ladder of free speech. Immediately on attaining power each dictator has suppressed all free speech except his own." Quotes by Herbert Hoover

Here are some more links about both President Hoover and the McKenzie River Valley.  One link tells of how when Oregon was going crazy building dams for flood control and electricity, that they were thinking of damming off the McKenzie itself and flooding the whole valley in doing so.  I about had a heart attack when I read that!  Instead, they built Cougar Dam and Blue River Dam.  I did a blog  post the other day about Cougar Dam, and here is the link to it:
Cougar Dam, Blue River OR

Click here to see some of our presidents fly fishing.

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Click here to go to the Travel to Oregon website and read about the McKenzie River.

Click here to go to Classroom and read some fun facts about President Herber Hoover.

Click here to go to The Presidential Library website and read about The Hoovers.

Ollalie Campground, Upper McKenzie River OR, Kathy Matthews 2010

I hope that you enjoyed your history lesson and got some travel ideas too!

This is a Sepia Saturday post.  Please CLICK HERE to see other cool old photos and read the stories that go with them.

Today is the twelfth day of the A - Z Challenge, which is hosted by  Arlee Bird's: Tossing It Out.   Several of my blogging friends are participating, and this year there are over 1,200 participants. We post everyday, except for Sundays, and work our way through the alphabet. I am posting past photos that I have taken, and am linking them up to the posts where the photos originated from too. When you are all done here at Oregon Gifts,  please click here to visit the other bloggers who are participating in this challenge

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Bob Scotney said...

There is such a lot of information in this great post, Kathy. What a good idea it was to link A-Z with Sepia Saturday. I should have thought of that.

DeLynne said...

From our veranda we can see a eucalyptus tree stump in the rain forest with the notches used by the timber cutters when they chopped it down. A strangler fig is slowly taking it over.


There great deal of info in your post.Thanks sharing it up here.Meanwhile,Plz do pass by my blog on freeing your mind, follow and comment to improve my works too.

Postcardy said...

I didn't know that Hoover donated his salary. I wonder whether any other presidents have done that.

Christine H. said...

Hi Kathy,
Are you ready for spring yet? I bet that river's flowing pretty fast with all the rain we've had.
I certainly enjoyed your post and all the information and pictures on Hoover. there was lots there that was new to me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

In the first picture of Hoover, he is holding an ocean rig, so likely fishing in a large lake or the ocean. In the second picture he is fly fishing. Nice river that, lots of brown trout hiding in the cool shadows, I'm sure. Brings back great memories. Thanks! :-)

Shannon Lawrence said...

Very interesting, and a part of Oregon I'm not familiar with. At least I don't think so. Great info on Herbert Hoover. I like the photo of the tiny cabin amidst the giant trees.

Also, I did a shout out to you on my blog in the form of an award.

Alan Burnett said...

An ingenious link : and your weaving of two theme threads together makes a fascinating - and most informative - post.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

so many wonderful photos and such very interesting history. I like the direction you took the theme..I did not realize Hoover died on the date of our anniversary. Oct. 20 but 3 years earlier. Enjoyed several quotes as well.

Howard said...

I love the quotes from Hoover. Modern politicians sound like idiots. Perhaps that's because they are.

Lynn said...

Great photos and information! Thank you!

Nancy said...

What a beautiful, wild country it was! I love the photograph of the cabin in the woods. It almost looks like a miniature, doll-size cabin with regular-size trees. Amazing! I also appreciated the quotes from Pres. Hoover. Why did some of our earlier politicans understand what our current ones don't?!


interesting spin on Alan's suggested theme. i like what you've done here.

MuseSwings said...

Wonderfully informative post and information about Hoover and the beautiful Oregon scenery that he enjoyed! I did too, thanks to all the pictures!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Loved this post. The pictures are amazing...I can't believe the trunks on those trees. Wow. And the quotes were perfect and relevant for current events. My respect for HH just jumped high. He was one smart, insightful man.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Thank you, everybody, for stopping by to say hi. I appreciate all of your comments very much.

Anna said...

Great post, Kathy. I love your take on the Sepia Saturday theme and your pictures are so interesting, I love them. Long ago, my father and I would listen to the music from Annie over and over in the car. To this day, I hear it whenever I read about Herbert Hoover.

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