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Friday, February 8, 2013

Recent Reads: "Knit One Pearl One", "Water for Elephants" and "Land of Sheltered Promise"

I have been reading everyday, but I haven't done a book report on here for months.  Here are a few of the latest books that I have recently finished.  I loved all three of these.

"Knit One Pearl One"
by Gil McNeil
c. 2012

Knit One Pearl One is a fun, fast read.  I think of it as a "chick's book"Gil McNeil is a great writer with a lot of insight.  This book is the second in a series, and the first one that I have read by this author.  I won this book from a contest over at my friend Becky's blog.

Jo McKenzie is a busy single mother of three, who recently moved to a charming seaside town to take over her Grandmother's yarn shop.  She expands the business by adding a tea shop and knitting lessons.  Jo makes killer display windows as she figures out how to work around her boyfriend's mother who also works there (a grumbly sort of old lady).

That is not all.  Jo is friends with a movie star who lives right outside of town, and Jo's best friend is a talk show host.  Pearl is Jo's baby girl, and Pearl's father, Daniel, shows back up into the picture.  Daniel is a famous photographer and Jo's one-night-stand (she met him shortly after her husband's death).

This is just a fun book, a day-in-the-life about a nice woman and her friends, family and her work.  I had fun reading it and looked forward to finding out what happened next.

"Water for Elephants"
by Sara Gruen
c. 2006 

Water for Elephants is so good!  I first heard of it when my friend Lisa recommended it on her blog.  It is about an old man, Jacob, who lives in a nursing home.  While Jacob is there recovering from a broken hip, the circus comes to town and sets up right next door to the home.

Though the story takes place over a matter of several days, most of the book is about Jacob remembering the years that he spent traveling in the circus as a veterinarian.

I don't even want to say any more because I would hate to spoil even one thing for anybody.  Just read it, you won't regret it.  It is fascinating. 

"Land of Sheltered Promise"
by Jane Kirkpatrick
c. 2005

Have I ever told you guys that I want to be like Jane Kirkpatrick when I grow up?  I do.  I want to write historical fiction abut the Pacific Northwest someday, when I figure out how.  I am good at the research and I have tons of raw material, but am not quite sure how to get the rest of it all figured out. 

Land of Sheltered Promise is a book that covers several generations of shirt-tail relatives who end up living on the same piece of land.  Three separate stories span nearly 100 years.  The land where the story takes place is a real ranch in Central Oregon, not far from the towns of Shaniko and Antelope.  It is known as either The Big Muddy Ranch or for awhile during the 1980's as Rasneeshpuram.  What each story has in common, besides the land itself is how each character transforms because of the ranch.

The first story begins in 1901, where a young pregnant bride comes to terms with her husband's trial and sentencing for murder.

The second story is about a grandmother who tries to get her granddaughter away from her daughter, a commune resident living in Rasneeshpuram in 1984.

The third story is about transforming the abandoned Rasneeshpuram into what it is today, a Young Life Christian camp, beginning in 1997.  

Ms. Kirkpatrick and her husband live not far away from The Big Muddy RanchThis book covers so much history, and is beautifully written.   It is very good, though sometimes her books are not an easy/quick read for me.  I always remember the people in them though.

So, there you are.  If  you are looking for something to read, any or all of these are good picks.

~ Kathy M.  

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T. Drecker said...

Looks like an enjoyable line up. :)

Helen said...

'Water For Elephants' ... one of my all time favorite books!!!

Anne said...

Hi, Kathy! Those all sound great! I like "a day in the life" kind of reading when I've got a lot going...something I can pick up a read a bit before I go to sleep...I can't believe how much I have NOT been reading with all the other projects I've had going...I miss it!
Have a wonderful weekend, my Dear!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

HA! No wonder you haven't had much time for writing. It isn't just the time we spend blog-hopping and composing... you're as much of a reading addict as I am!

I've been meaning to read "Water for Elephants". It really sounds good. But it's gonna have to wait its place in line. I have a ton of other books lined up and calling my name.

Happy weekend!

BECKY said...

Hi Kathy! Great book reviews and I'm so glad you liked Knit One, Pearl One! I haven't been reading near as much as I'd like. I just need to find a book I can really get into, I guess! Have a great weekend!

Linda Reeder said...

I liked "Water For Elephants " very much. A very good movie was made of it too, very true to the book.

Connie said...

Hi Kathy . . .It was so very good to see your lovely smile come across my comment list :) I'm delighted that you are finding time to read this winter. That is what winter's are for . . . a good book and a warm quilt, oh, and maybe a cup of tea and a pile of cookies beside it, LOL.
I've not read any of these, but we have seen the movie made from "Water For Elephants". At the moment I am reading "The Widows of Danford". It is written by a lady that moved to your town a few years ago and opened a consignment shop in town with her daughter and granddaughter. I met her sometime around Christmas. I knew that she was an artist, but later when I discover that she was also an author . . . well I had to read her book. Her name is Jan Thacker.
I'm going to look for "Knit One Pearl One". I wonder if it could be on the Kindle list?

Thanks for leaving a vote on my Queen post . . . well #1 is in the lead for being claimed the true Queen but #5 and #7 are very close behind her . . . we'll see. I've never conducted a beauty pageant before, LOL.

Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

I haven't read the book 'Water For Elephants' but, I have seen the movie. It's a fantastic story!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

This looks like an interesting book Kathy, nice to see that you book reviews. I'll pass your site on to our church librarian. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I'm your newest follower as well. ~ Abby

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