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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Were The Dreams of Your Youth?

The other day, as I was visiting with Cary's Mom, she gave me hundreds of new greeting cards.  I sorted through and organized them, and this one caught my eye.  I added the quote, by Johann Friedrich von Schiller, adjusted the color and added a frame.  It is so cute!  The artist is B. Pearson.

Hope you enjoy it!  You can copy this one to share if you want to.

~ Kathy M.

P.S. ~ I always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher.  I never quite made it, though I did get my degree in Early Childhood Education. What were the dreams of your youth?

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Wendy said...

Are these cards that have been sent to her or unused cards that she has no use for? I hope you'll show more. This one is so colorful and cheerful, much like you!

Lynn said...

What a cute card and the saying is awesome!

Sioux said...


The saying on the card IS profound. And as a parent and now a grandparent, you've been a kindergarten "teacher" many times.

I wanted to be a journalist--a reporter--when I was a kid. Either that or a social worker.

By the way, I needed an Oregon fix, and checked out your photos again. I thought the one of a boatramp (although I didn't see a ramp) was breathtakingly beautiful and my favorite, but then I found several others that were just a gorgeous.

You really have a gift, Kathy.

Denise said...


What a lovely card and saying to go along with it! I have had many dreams; some come true and some do not. But we can always dream for new opportunities and challenges, and be thankful for the outcome!


forgetmenot said...

Kathy, Yes, we do have some beautiful skies in Kansas. How come you didn't ever teach? I'm sure you would have enjoyed it. I always love the old cards and pictures you post--it does stir up memories of days gone by. Have a great weekend. Mickie ;)

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Wendy, thanks for having me clarify ... they were ones that she collected over the years when she was the leader of her woman's group at church. They are unused.

Lynn, thank you!

Sioux, well, what sweet things of you to say! Thank you so much. I have thought of being a social worker too.

Denise, thank you! You are right, we continue to dream and set new goals all throughout our lives.

Mickie, I have taught at Head Start and have had several home daycares, so I have. But as I was finishing up my degree in my mid-40's, I met and married Cary and decided to not go on to get my masters ... you need a masters to teach kindergarten in public schools. No regrets though!

Kathy A. Johnson said...

I'm so very lucky to have the dreams of my youth: a family, a horse and I work as a writer. I'm very, very blessed.

Pamela said...

Adorable card! I wanted to be a writer and a mother. Both of my dreams came true. I never thought about being a grandmother, but I should have. It's a wonderful dream!

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