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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An Hour in Shaniko, Oregon:

Okay, today, I'm finally posting the last of my Shaniko pictures.  This is post number four of the hour or so that Cary and I spent in the cute little ghost town. I didn't even get any pictures taken of the portion of town across the highway, where the old school is located.  Here is the link to the first post, Shaniko, Oregon: A Bit of Ghost Town History.

Located on Highway 97 between Madras and Grass Valley, I couldn't wait to get there on our way home from Toppenish.  We parked the 5th wheel, put Dana inside (she didn't like being left behind, but quit barking after 5 minutes or so).

The old buildings that line the streets are mainly turned into little shops, that stay open until the end of September.

We didn't shop though.  One nice lady invited us inside to look around, promising great prices, but I was in the mood to take pictures instead of shopping.  Give me time with my camera any day!

The post office is still in operation.

I don't think that the bank is open.
No bars on those windows!

This Ole House was already closed for the season.

Of course, the Shaniko Hotel is quite impressive, though it is closed and now up for sale.  I did a post about it the other day, if you want to take a look: The History of The Shaniko Hotel in Shaniko, Oregon.

There were cute little buildings all over the place.  
Some have nice paint jobs these days.

The fire house is in tiptop shape.  The pink building is a public restroom.  The one with the flag is the Shaniko City Hall.

There were two museums.

You can check out more pictures of the one above by clicking here: Shaniko, Oregon: A Bit of Ghost Town History.

There is also a "Car Museum", and the post about it is here:  The Shaniko, Oregon Car Museum, Reed Mission or "Old Barn".

We saw two signs for saloons, but couldn't find one that was open.  Or even still there, though the one below could have just been closed for the day.

So, we settled on milkshakes instead, at Goldie's Ice Cream:

Cary sits at the counter waiting for his hot dog, as Goldie, also the town mayor, gets ready to make his chocolate malted.  I'm not sure who the other guy is, but he is kind of cute, so I didn't crop him out.

There were all kinds of neat vintage things around the restaurant:

Some ladies were busy putting tableclothes and flowers all over the place.  I asked Goldie if they were preparing for a special event.  She leaned closer and told us that there were some bigwigs from Freightliner and Mercedes about to show up for lunch.  Apparently, the German guys had flown over to the West Coast, and wanted to see a real western town.

Sure enough, it wasn't long before they got there. 

They arrived in their big trucks and began to 
enjoy Shaniko,  just as we were.

There was a secondhand store located in the newspaper building.  It was closed, and I couldn't tell if we were supposed to put money into the jars if we wanted something, or what.  I just took pictures instead.

I zoomed in on the Shaniko Trader.  A woman told me that she had bought a bunch of books for cheap there, but that she had got all of the good ones.   We were winding up our self-tour and ready to go home, so we didn't visit that little store this time around:

The weathered brown building below is the old town water tower.  The pile of red cinder rock is probably Oregon Department of Transportation's, and is used for sanding the roads in the wintertime:

Here are a few more pictures, and then we are done: 

If you get the chance, this is a destination spot for a day trip.  There is really no place to stay overnight in the town, but Madras, Grass Valley and Moro all have lodging.

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit Oregon Gifts!  We didn't take the video below, but it was only posted on You Tube a week ago.

~ Kathy M.

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L. D. Burgus said...

You had a lot to see in this little town. The wagon in the tip photo looked like a circus wagon to me where they would put the tiger in the cage and drive around in a parade. I don't think it would be a jail for transporting people. A lot of interesting things to see there.

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