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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Book Blurb Friday #25 : "The Rancher's Wife"

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews

Supporting Jack's dream was not always easy for Sadie.  When Jack turned 60, he proposed that they sell everything and buy a cattle ranch in Central Oregon.  Sadie had her doubts, but she agreed to it.  They left Colorado and all of their family; the grand-babies and her ailing mother.  

Now, barely four years later, they had 300 head of cattle, 200 acres of land, and were turning a profit.  Jack was so pleased!  "Was" is the key word now.  Jack had dropped dead of a heart attack last Friday.  Sadie was in shock, wondering what to do next.  The kids were assuming that she would sell and return to Aspen, which did seem logical.  Inside her heart, though, was a desire to keep the ranch and work it herself.  

This wonderful and inspirational story describes one woman's decision to take risks and move forward when most are entering retirement. (150)

I am participating in Lisa's Book Blurb Friday, from over at Writing in the Buff.   It is fun, and you can play too!  Pretend that the picture above is the cover of a book.  Thanks for choosing my photo this week, Lisa!  On the inside jacket, you have 150 words to entice the reader to buy your book.  Lisa gives us a week to think about next week's entry.  To read more stories that have been written about the photo above, please "CLICK HERE".

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Susan Fobes said...

What a wonderful idea from this week's picture! I always go for the "woman against all odds" type of stories, and this one would be great!

Arkansas Patti said...

The title threw me off as I immediately thought a romance novel was coming and that is my least favorite form. However the blub really drew me in. Love the premise.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

In my never should stop following a dream.

But I'm wondering just what her family is doing in Aspen being that it's a tourist trap. Not much going on there other than art in the summer and skiing in the winter.

My book blurb: Midnight Monarch

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Susan, I love those kind too. I always think, now what would I do?

Patti, ha! Don't judge a book by its title ... especially if I'm the one writing it, lol.

Anni, yes ... except that in the beginning it was his dream not hers, but it must have became hers eventually. All I could think of was Denver, and had to look up cities in CO. All I knew about Aspen was from Dumb and Dumber ... maybe that is why she really didn't want to move back, lol.

Raquel Byrnes said...

This blurb makes me want to read out of morbid fascination. Will she make it or won't she?
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Bookie said...

This sounds just like something I would choose to read. While nothing rugged about me, I like to read about strong and rugged women taking charge.

Calico Crazy said...

I'd love to know what she chooses and how her story progresses, especially since this wasn't really her dream.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Terrific blurb! I love that your MC is not a 20 or 30 something woman, but someone older and at a time in her life that I can relate to. I'd love to read this one, Kathy. She'll keep the ranch, I think, and surprise everyone...including herself. :)

Grandma's Goulash said...

I almost didn't make it down to your blurb, because I got fascinated by your photos of the renovations.

I'm glad I did get here though. This is the start of a wonderful story and I'm hoping you'll consider writing it. Nicely done, Kathy.

Tammy said...

Go, Sadie! It does indeed sound wonderful and inspirational!

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