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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easy Crock-Pot Scalloped Potatoes:

 Easy Crock-Pot Scalloped Potatoes

At the end of the week, I go through my fridge and decide what I am going to do with the leftovers.  This week, I was craving scalloped potatoes.  I used what I had, and would have added ham if there was any available, but this turned out delicious anyway:

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

My fresh mushrooms and already baked potatoes were my inspiration foods.  I figured that everything would cook faster if the potatoes were already done, and I was right:

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

I also used 6 green onions, 1/2 loaf of chedder cheese, 2 cups of frozen peas, 1 can of chicken broth and 1 large can of Cream of Mushroom soup.

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

And, these spices.  About a tablespoon of each spice was added to the pot below.  I warmed up the cream of mushroom soup, the chicken broth and the peas as I was chopping up the veggies.  I used around 10 medium sized baked potatoes, and around 2 cups of fresh mushrooms.

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

Then, I began to layer everything in the crock-pot:

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

I started with a bit of the soup/pea mixture on the bottom:

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

Then I added some sliced potatoes:

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

Some mushrooms and green onions:

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

Some cheese slices and more soup/pea mixture ...

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

And kept going until I used everything up:

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

I turned the crock-pot on high and cooked it for around three hours. 

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

It was super delicious.  This is the first time that I have used broth instead of milk with the cream of mushroom soup, and I think that was a great idea.  Remember, adding ham is another option.

If you want to bake it in the oven instead of using the crock-pot, I would suggest that you layer everything as shown above in a baking pan, cover it, and bake at about an hour-and a half at 350*.  If you are using aluminum foil as your cover, place the shiny side towards the food.  If you don't, it will slow down your cooking time, because the shiny side will reflect the heating elements.

If you use raw potatoes, slice them thin, and increase your cooking time in the oven until they are soft, probably around 2 hours.


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Enbrethiliel said...


I'm so glad that you tell us how to do it in a regular oven, because I unfortunately don't own a crock pot.

But is the hour and a half cooking time what you'd get with potatoes that haven't been pre-baked or with the already cooked potatoes you used here?

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