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~ Kathy M.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Night Before Christmas:

This week, I am a bit late for Sepia Saturday, but I hope that you will enjoy this post even so.  I chose to combine some Christmas memories and the Little Golden Book, "The Night Before Christmas".

It is fun to see when Mom got these pictures developed.  It looks as if it took a couple of months to recover from Christmas to afford the developing costs!

 This is me, on my very first Christmas.  I must not have liked the flash in my eyes.

My first tricycle.  My Grandma T. is on the couch, and Dad is beside me.

Mom said that this is my second Christmas, and I look about 2, but I think it was my third.
It says, "Chistmas at Nanny's house with Boo-Boo.  2nd Christmas.

Let's skip to when I was 9 and we had a Christmas gift exchange at school.   I received this book from my friend Suzy, and by the looks of it, I never wanted to let it go.  Mom gave it back to me last year.  I love coming from a family of savers!

This is what I wrote on the inside cover:

Name: Kathy Johnson
From:  Suzy Hamrick (?)
Dec. 22, 1967

"In memory of a Christmas present in forth grade.  I am 9  years old.  I hope not to lose this book.  If so, I don't want it tore."

"Coments:  Thank you Suzy fore this book." 

One two, skip a few.  Here we were on West Quinalt (two years later), where we lived from second grade until spring vacation of fifth grade.  Nice velvet dress, Miss Kathy!  I love seeing the house in the background.  Notice the kitchen table and chairs, the laundry basket, the swivel chair and the ashtray on the end table.  Too much fun:

Me, Angie, Little Bro holding our dog Bambi and Julie.

That was also the year that we got The Big Snow (1969) that brought the Willamette Valley to it's knees.  It happened in January, and the Christmas lights were still up outside.  The snow was about 4' deep, and the lights cast a pretty glow outside mine and Julie's bedroom window.

Me, Little Bro and Bambi

If you came here for the scanned copy of the 1950 Little Golden Book, "The Night Before Christmas" here it is.  I liked the illustrations better in this book, there is a lot more action and detail.  You can click on any picture for a better view.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everybody!

~ Kathy M.

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Kristin said...

I'm pretty sure we had that little golden book. My favorite though was a large size book that I stil have. Where is it...

Peter said...

I love that scan of the book pages with the coment! Do you still recognize that handwriting as yours?
Merry Christmas, Kathy!


I never had such books so this was a novelty for me. Fun!!
Love your family picture.
Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!!

Linda Reeder said...

Love it! Merry Christmas!

Titania said...

Kathy, very sweet memories.Just wonderful the different stages of your happy childhood. Enjoyed, also the books, precious with your inscriptions. I wish you happy Christmas days and a very happy New Year.

Tammy said...

Very sweet pictures, Kathy! You sure did get your wish about not losing the book. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Mike Brubaker said...

Visiting everyone's post this weekend is like sampling the dishes at a Christmas potluck. Yet another great Christmas treat! Merry Christmas!

Deb Gould said...

Oh, those Little Golden Books! I didn't have The Night Before Christmas, but I got the Roly-Poly-Puppy one year; still one of my all-time favorite books! Happy Christmas, Kathy!

BECKY said...

What wonderful pictures! Lots of great memories you shared with us, Kathy! Merry Christmas, dear friend!

AMD said...

Great photos from Christmases past! Wonderful of you to share :) I love the golden book photos too, I feel nostalgic over those. The Night Before Christmas is surely a classic!

Wendy said...

The book from fourth grade was definitely a keeper. I know I don't have anything from those Pollyanna exchanges in elementary school. I always liked getting those little books of Life Savers. Your photos are great -- you haven't changed much -- maybe a little taller.

Postcardy said...

I had quite a few Little Golden Books when I was young, but none of them were saved. I do have several Christmas Little Golden Books that I bought myself as an adult including The Night Before Christmas.

Bob Scotney said...

I'm a bit late to wish you a Merry Christmas - hope you had some fun.

I don't see many children's books these days and the ones I don't look as cheerful as yours.

Happy New Year!

Karen S. said...

Thank you "fore" this awesome merry Christmas memories, post! I just adore your first trike, looks like mine! Hahahaha! I especially enjoy families around the tree and Christmas celebrations also including the family dog or dogs! Your story book is so cool- and how neat that you shared it, and the cool writing from back when you wrote with pencil! :) So sweet, Kathy thanks. A very merry, and bright ringing in the new year for you and loved ones- hope to catch up on your fun on facebook! Take care, enjoy! - Karen

Nancy said...

I never used to like photos that showed so much background and too little clarity in the faces of the subjects of photographs but lately I've realized that it's also very fun to see the backgrounds in the photos. It's almost like walking back into one's childhood home or grandparents' home. Great post.

I think I bought a new copy of this book on the day after Christmas to give to my grandson in a year or so.

Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

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