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~ Kathy M.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Lovin' the 5th Wheel: Trips

Cary and I are finally feeling comfortable with our new rig and are really enjoying it now.  It just takes us a few minutes to set it up and put it away, and even hooking it up to the truck is getting easier.

I've decided to make a new category on the sidebar about the excursions that we will be taking in our home away from home.  Last weekend, we drove the four hours to Vancouver, Washington to meet up with some of Cary's previous co-workers.

We stayed in a clean and compact RV park, for $35.00 per night.  Aptly named Vancouver RV Park, it had everything you needed for a comfortable stay, except for a swimming pool.


We arrived around 3:30 on Friday afternoon.  Our friends Eldon and Kathy met us there, and helped us get settled in.

Then Lee arrived with refreshments, and we visited until it was time to go to Chinese food for dinner. 

After dinner, Lee went home and the rest of us went to the local bowling alley and sang karaoke.  Kathy and Eldon are very good singers, and it was fun to meet their friends and join in on the fun.

Cary, Kathy and Eldon


The Kathys

The next afternoon at 4:00, Eldon and Kathy came and picked us up.  We went to Danny and Corinne's for a BBQ.  There were close to twenty of us, and we had a very nice evening.

Jim and Cary

Eldon and Bob

Ron, Corrine and Jodi

The food was plentiful and delicious.

Lee and Jim

The next morning, we got up and set out for home.  When we got to the top of Mt. Hood, we stopped in Rhododendron for breakfast.  This little restaurant is wonderful!  The food was fresh from scratch and the service was great.

This place was great!

They have this guy sitting at the counter.  At first I didn't recognize that he was only a doll:

Enjoying that coffee?

This truck was parked right outside the window of our booth.  The custom paint job was pretty special.  All the names of the people in this guys family who had served in the military was written on the side:

Proud to be an American.

Thank you for your sacrifices and for your service.

And there was this huge metal wheel there too.  I don't know what it was used for back in the day, do you?

We stopped at the new casino in Warm Springs. You used to have to drive in 13 long miles to get to the KahNee Ta Resort and casino, but they have since separated the two.  The casino is now located right on the highway at the town of Warm Springs.  It was very nice inside, and we broke even after an hour then headed on home.

It was a fun weekend!  Now I need to clean up the trailer and we will be taking it to the dealer for minor service work before we take off again.

~ Kathy M.

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Kathy A. Johnson said...

You're braver than I am to sing karaoke by yourself! Looks like another fun adventure. I'll bet you like being able to take your dog with you since she can stay in your rig. (It looks luxurious--lucky you!)

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Looks like Maybe we'll do it some day! We've been talking and talking and talking...just maybe! Your rig looks staying in a hotel! I was in Oregon last week, but not in fifth-wheel :-(

Queen Bee said...

Your rig looks so nice and spacious. What a fun way to travel!It looks like you had a wonderful trip and a great time with your friends.

Connie said...

Hi Kathy, your weekend sounded pretty close to perfect and that barbecue spread was amazing.
Your 5th wheel is gorgeous! It is roomy enough to live in. I am looking so forward to the day that we can do that. It just seems far away. My poor Steve works so hard and he has the personality where he lives his work 24/7. So, I think it is just better to wait until he can retire, before we hit the open road. He could use the relaxation now, but I know him enough to know his mind would still be at work.
It is so good to see you and your hubby having fun on your camp outs. It's a nice look into our future. Thank you for sharing your fun!
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Tammy said...

Wow. Who needed a swimming pool when it looks like that home could fit one in it? What fun!

KathyB. said...

I love your rig! My husband & I enjoy our small Jayco Feather Sport travel trailer, but I know he'd appreciate more comfortable digs like yours.

I have often entertained the thought of a travel trailer / camping blog, but don't have the time now. I enjoy seeing how others enjoy their trailers, campers, RV's, etc. and especially comments about the areas camped in, and amenities.One day....

Great post.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Kathy, my friend, you just have way too much fun! My sister and her husband used to RV all the time and loved it. Maybe one of these days Joe and I will give it a try. :)

Peggy Eddleman said...

There's so much SPACE! I love it!! You guys look like you are having a blast. Good for you!

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