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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Writing in the Buff's Book Blurb Friday #15: "C-Rod's Lucky Day"

Photo Source:  Lisa Richard Claro's Writing in the Buff
"C-Rod's Lucky Day"
By Kathy Matthews

Carlos Armando Rodriguez (C-Rod for short) was eleven.  His neighborhood wasn't the best, but his Boys and Girls Club sure was.  Sponsored by the Red Sox, C-Rod had in his pocket a baseball signed by Ellsbury, Big Pappi, Pedroia and Veritek.  He received it today for getting straight A's on his report card.  Life was good.

C-Rod began kicking a beer can down the street as he entered the scariest part of his walk home.  Directly ahead was the "alley of doom", where the gang-bangers hung out.  Clutching his baseball tightly, Carlos crossed the street before hearing the older boy shout, "Hey, C-Rod, you little s***.  Give me that f*****g ball.  NOW!" 

There was nowhere to run.  Carlos spun around and hightailed it to the stoop of the house behind him.  Surprisingly, the front door opened, and a hand reached out and pulled the boy inside. 

What a lucky day. (150)

Sorry, you guys.  I just finished another Stephen King this week, Gerald's Game.  I guess that my mind is still on the horrible, everyday things that COULD happen, lol.

Have a great weekend,

Kathy M.

I am participating in Lisa's Book Blurb Friday, from over at Writing in the Buff.   It is fun, and you can play too!  Pretend that the picture above is the cover of a book.  Thank you to Lisa's son Joey for giving us this week's inspiring photo!  On the inside jacket, you have 150 words to entice the reader to buy your book.  Lisa gives us a week to think about next week's entry (she's gracious like that).  Please CLICK HERE  to read what everybody else wrote!

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Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, such a happy day for him, and it's ruined. Broke my heart already when the older kids yelled. Poor little C-Rod, with all the great signatures on his baseball. How can you do this to him, Kathy?
Okay, I guess you drew me right into it, didn't you? And a book blurb is supposed to do that, so this one is a surefire winner.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Tony Benson said...

I wonder how lucky it really was... I think he's in for even more of an adventure than he anticipated. That certainly makes me want to find out what happens. Well written.

Grandma's Goulash said...

Part of me hopes being pulled into the house was a lucky save. The other part just knows that it's not! I'd be thanking King, if you decided to turn this blurb into a full story. It's right up my alley.

Lynette Killam said...

I was enthralled with this blurb, Kathy, and am certain C-Rod's day will not end up too happily after all! I also remember very well being creeped out by 'Gerald's Game'!

I must tell you, too, how I love your beautifully put together. I have a thread chest just like this one, only darker...found it in an old shop years ago and have never seen another one until now...:)

liberal sprinkles said...

What a great blurb, so descriptive and enticing. You're doing great with these BBFs, Kathy!
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've been trying to stay away from blogging but once I got started, I couldn't stop, hence the splurt this week! I want to write about all the great things I've been up to in my "real" life but I don't want to get addicted again!
Have a great weekend!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

C-Rod seems like a good kid, so whatever sinister plot you have in store for him will have to end with him winning the day. Right? Great blurb. You've made me care about the main character just from the blurb! I want to know what happens to this kid!

jabblog said...

I hope he hasn't been pulled into even greater danger, poor little lad.I feel anxious for him so I'd have to read the book to find out. Great!

SJerZGirl said...

Definitely makes you want to see how this rescuer affects Carlos' life. Nicely done!

Susan Fobes said...

Ah, who is the kind stranger, or is the boy in more danger? What a great story this week!

Bookie said...

What a great setup for a inticing story,twisted or otherwise.Who knows?

Tammy said...

Oooh--you had me long before that last line, but the last line was like the whipped cream on top. Wonderful!

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