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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More Vintage Postcards From "The Letsom Letters":

Thank you, Alan for letting me choose this week's picture!  I chose it because I had begun a post about the U.S. Wakerobin awhile back, and thought that it would go well with this picture as it offer's up plenty of other prompting.  Then I found some Letsom Letters family postcards that also go with this week's theme, so I will be having two posts this week.  This one is quick and easy though.


G. M. Walbee must have just been letting Uncle Kit know that he was thinking of him.

It was postmarked June 29, 1939


Uncle John and Aunt Signa never sent this one out when they were on their honeymoon, but it must have been before they got that darn old flat tire.

11/23/45 - "Dear Folks, Every thing going fine."
To read more about that trip to Reno, please "Click Here"


This one says that it is "Columbia River and Crown Point from Evergreen Highway Washington -35"

My Grandma Florence Hedrick Traylor send this one home to her Mom, Granny Talitha Hedrick


We are in Vancouver and about cooked.  Also slightly tired.  Edna and I walked all over this town.  This card is the way we went to Stevenson.  Cloe, Edna and I are sitting in the car waiting for Bill.  The check in this picture is where Maud lives says Cloe.  I'm still broke.  Wish you'd pay attention to that.  How's everybody and everything?  What have you been doing lately?  


I haven't been doing anything worth telling on a card.  You owe me a letter now.  I weight 121 lbs.  **!!!??? 

Postcardy commented:  "It is fun reading messages like Florence's that actually say something. She is referring to the "check" mark in the upper right of the picture"  Thank you for your help!


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Bethe77 said...

Really enjoyed this post very much. the post cards and letters awesome! The one on the Columbia River just down the road from where I live. I always enjoy seeing your pot. Love coming and visiting here.

Linda Reeder said...

Old postcards with messages are so much fun!

Mike Burnett said...

Why don't they make cards like that any more?

Sean Bentley said...

I do love hand-tinted old cards. The Columbia scene looks familiar, all right!

Terra said...

The old postcards and photos are very attractive.

Little Nell said...

Lovely cards again - 'about cooked'? A bit warm then.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Thanks, everybody.

I was wondering if one of the buildings on the other side of the river is a church? It was hard to see when I enlarged it.

Kathy M.

Karen said...

I enjoyed your post very much. Such lovely old postcards.

Brett Payne said...

There must be a story behind "The Hardy Fishermen" postcard, even though there's no message written.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Love these lovely old postcards. And it's fun to see old notes, too--I rarely get letters or postcards anymore!

Postcardy said...

It is fun reading messages like Florence's that actually say something. She is referring to the "check" mark in the upper right of the picture.

Bob Scotney said...

The 'Hardy Fishermen' card would make a great advert for Fisherman's Friend.

Wendy said...

Gotta love that sassy Florence. I wish someone would pay attention to the fact that I'm broke too (or well on the way, anyway! HA).

Kristin said...

I remember that flat tire.

Kathy Morales said...

I especially love those old colored cards!

Karen S. said...

What a fun fact filled post, with such cool inserts! For more great stories. These messages are so interesting, I like how people always shared such real details of their life. Still broke! Being tired and such. You have a treasure here again!

Hazel Ceej said...

A 1939 post card. What a treasure! I love the reddish tint of those old images, the reflection is stunning too. The postcard message was charming.

Joy said...

"everything going fine" ah well events overtook that one. Lovely cards, especially like the colours of the Truckee River. Your Grandmother sure can fit a lot of information into a small space, that "still broke" comment is so funny,

Tattered and Lost said...

Wonderful cards. I love the first one with the use of just two inks. And the one along the Truckee is certainly an interesting fantasy. I have never seen it that colorful along the river whether at its source in Tahoe, along the river to the town of Truckee, or as it passes into Nevada. Someone far away was dreaming.

L. D. said...

Your postcards are so wonderful. They are really in great shape.

Alan Burnett said...

Absolutely wonderful postcards, perfect for the theme.

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