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Thursday, September 13, 2012

1960's Store Displays: Ralph at Work

This week's Sepia Saturday theme has to do with folks shopping in a store, with one clerk busy restocking things.  I was pretty excited about this week, because I have these two pictures of my Dad when he was a store manager in the early 1960's.  These were either taken in Albany, Oregon or in Sweet Home. 

All those light bulbs stacked like that look like an accident waiting to happen, Ralph!  I think that is a kick that Mr. MaGoo was a spokesperson for G.E. Light Bulbs back then.  There is a sign on top that says, "DON'T MCGOOF!  DON'T RUN OUT OF G.E. LIGHTBULBS!"  and the bag below says, "TAKE HOME A BAGFUL"

Another thing that I find very interesting about this picture is how much space that the steak sauce and soy sauce were allowed on the shelves behind Dad.  On the other side of the light bulbs, there is a huge display of carmel corn.

In the back room, Dad is being silly.  Sitting atop boxes of bananas and leaning against some onions, he is holding a bottle of cheap wine.  It has a screw top, and if I'm not mistaken it sure does look like Boone's Farm brand.

I remember being proud and fascinated when I would go to work with Dad when the stores were closed.  Supermarkets used to be closed on Sundays, and somebody would need to go in and water the produce.  It didn't take long, but it was a crucial job.  Dad would stick his fingers into the sliding automatic entrance doors and push them in opposite directions. That is how we got inside when the store was closed.  That was store security back then.  I remember thinking, well, anybody could break into this store, even me!

Thanks for stopping by to visit, and I hope that you enjoyed this little post.

~ Kathy M.

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L. D. Burgus said...

It was a lot of fun. It is great that you have these photos.

Bob Scotney said...

Your Dad obviously had a sense of humour. Fine photos. A fun post.

Tattered and Lost said...

These are perfect!

I remember having a toy that was something to do with grocery stores. I loved it. I also remember thinking how cool it was that Dobie Gillis' dad owned a small grocery store. There was something wonderful about the idea of going to look at all that stuff whenever you wanted to. You'd always have food.

Alan Burnett said...

A delightful post. Ah, the days when you could get proper light bulbs that illuminated when you turned them on - compared to the ones these days which take a week and a half to reach half-light. Light bulbs must be one of the few examples of technology moving backwards.

Little Nell said...

A great pair of photos, which are worth so much for both the humour and affection you have for your Dad, but also as a historical record. It's fascinating to view how stores were laid out in those days and see some of the produce.

Peter said...

Fun pictures, those two. And your description of shop security in those days makes one wonder, how come this isn't possible any more? Where did it go wrong?
Anyway, it was nice meeting Mr. Magoo again, thank you.

Wendy said...

I know where you get your sense of humor! What funny pictures and memories. Store security -- man! That really speaks of the time, doesn't it. I'm glad you pointed out the space given to the sauces. I guess today nobody gets much space because there is so much variety.

Kathy said...

Your dad must have been fun to be around. And that stack of lightbulbs does look like an accident about to happen! I enjoyed it very much.

Karen S. said...

please don't tell anyone, but I used to like Boone's Farm wine! ha! Ha! Once on a visit back home we saw some in the store and I had to have it! Well it was almost as good as I remembered! Your dad, handsome man too, but I love that picture! So silly for sure, but really enjoying life! That's the way to be! Thanks for such a fun post!

Anonymous said...

Such funny photos of your dad! Must have been a pleasure to meet him. Thank you for sharing!

Michael J. McCann said...

Oh, these are wonderful photos, thanks very much. Such a character! This post left a smile on my face. Thanks!

Gill Edwards said...

what great pictures, he does look as if he enjoyed his job.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

He is a great looking fellow. Obviously good humor too. I would be afraid the light bulbs would go too. Wow what a loss that would be.

Jana Last said...

Your dad looks like quite the character in those photos! And yes, that display of lightbulbs does look like an accident waiting to happen. Yikes!

Queen Bee said...

Kathy, what great photos of your dad at work! Bet he was a lot of fun to work with. Interesting uniform he had to wear - was it a white shirt with an apron over it? I like his bowtie.


On this Monday morning, your post certainly brought on a smile. Your dad looked quite the funny guy, but I would fire him for his lousy display. I used to do that for a living, and that would have been unacceptable!!
I'm sure
he had other [better] talents!!
Any caramel popcorn left!!
T'was my fave!!

barbara and nancy said...

Those are great photos of your dad. What nice memories of visiting the store with him to water the produce. He looks like a real fun loving guy.

barbara and nancy said...

Hi Kathi,
I love the photos of your dad in the grocery store. He sure looks like a fun loving guy. I'll bet it was fun going with him to water the produce.
what wonderful memories.

Mike Brubaker said...

A perfect match for the Sepia Saturday theme. Photos of dads and stores seems to be popular this week.

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