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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sites to See in Downtown Reno, Nevada:

Last month, Cary and I visited Reno for a couple of days.  The second day, we drove to the downtown casino area and I took a few pictures.  The town was very clean, but there were many people asking for money.  It made me feel kind of weird, because we were obviously tourists (camera around my neck was a huge clue). 

We parked and went into The Eldorado.  

The Eldorado, The Silver Legacy and Circus Circus are all interconnected.  Opened in 1995, these three were a big deal at the time.  They are all aging and are small by comparison to the newer casinos, but were clean and nice.  The people who worked there were very friendly, and I felt more comfortable with not having to walk miles to get someplace.  Still, I was more aware of the other visitors, and some of them made me a bit wary.

Inside The Eldorado Casino Hotel:

The Eldorado's Fountain of Fortune was very pretty.  The plaque says that it was designed by the world famous Tournament of Roses Parade Designer Raul Rodriquez and renowned New Orleans Sculptor Joe Barth.  Created from marble, bronze and gold leaf, the 20-piece fountain includes mythical tritons, dolphins, fish, cherubs and and sea horses.  The fountains cascading waters flow to the "God of Fortune", standing 17 feet tall.  You are urged to make a wish.  Your money benefits charities and those who are less fortunate. Thank you!

Inside The Sliver Legacy Casino and Hotel:

The Silver Legacy has many old time things to see.  Rumor or legend has it that this casino sits on top of an old silver mine that was owned by Sam Fairchild, and sports a wild-west and mining theme.

Mining Rig

Legendary Reno Attraction

"Sam Fairchild's legendary silver mining rig is a wonder for all guests to behold, a spectacular souvenir from a bygone era of mining wealth and now a fabulous Reno attraction. The unprecedented 120-foot-high, automated mining machine is encased within the world's largest composite dome making it a Reno site to see.

The interior of the unique 180-foot-high composite dome measures an astounding 75,000 square feet. The dome reflects the dramatic skies of Reno and depicts an entire day from sunrise to sunset.
With all the things to do in Reno, don't miss hourly shows seven days a week inside the dome, showcasing Silver Legacy's incredible mining rig in a wash of color, laser light and sound!" Source: Silver Legacy Mining Rig.

There is an elevator inside the mine shaft, but I didn't use it.  I regret that now.  There is also a lounge and eatery near the bottom of it.

Inside The Circus Circus Casino and Hotel:

There wasn't much going on yet as I skimmed through Circus Circus, but throughout the day there are acrobats and other performers.  I am sure that if you are traveling with kids that they love the midway.  Some families stay at the Circus Circus, ski during the day and then play here at night.

So, there is your quick tour!  We stayed at The Peppermill, and here is a link to our room there:  Tuscany Suites at The Peppermill in Reno, Nevada  

~ Kathy M.

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Bob Scotney said...

Is it just me that thinks a lot of these places are just OTT?

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

I agree. It can assault all of your senses. I was so glad to get to Ashland, where it was real life beautiful.


That chandelier is remarkable!!

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