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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Trees of Mystery and More Vintage Postcards

This week on Sepia Saturday, two men are pictured along with an old truck with a rounded cab roof.  We don't know what kind of cargo is in the bed of the truck, besides that man.

As I worked my way through more of my Mom's family pictures, I found a postcard with an old truck, and we can plainly see the cargo in this one ... the largest Rainbow Trout that I have ever laid eyes on!

Deschutes Loch Leven from Bend, Ore.  Where the fish are bigger than the Liars!  Myrick Photo

The Deschutes River is our main river here, and we have many lakes in Central Oregon that offer good fishing too.  I just never knew that the fish ever got this big.  Along with everything else, fishing seems to have been better in the good old daysYou know that this picture is true, because they didn't have Photoshop back when this was taken.  Besides, everything on the internet is true, right?
Of course, if you think that fish on the truck is big, you should check out how big the Oregon mountains are.  This postcard below was sent to my Grandma T. (my Mom's mom) in April 1934.  Grandma was 22 and not yet married at that time.

#825 Oneonta Tunnel.  Columbia River Highway Ore., c. Cross & Dinnity

Dearest Florence:

Just a note to let you know I finally hooked him, and we got married.  We are having a swell honeymoon, and I like the place where we live fine.  You ought to come and see us.  There might be some men around here!  I haven't seen any yet, but come up and look around, if you have time.  How's everybody?  Wish you would write and tell me some gossip, or something.  I'm dying to hear some news.


Mrs. Elmer Lee Hill
Oswego, Oregon

Now, we will head on down to Northern California, to the Trees of Mystery.  The Trees of Mystery are in the Redwood forest, and there are some toruisty spots that feature some of the most unusal ones.

"The Upside Down Tree" Unusual Growth at Trees of Mystery Park - Redwood Highway.  Zan 2272

"End of the Trail"  Carved from a Giant Redwood.  Trees of Mystery Park, Redwood Hwy, Calif.  Zan 2281

You could even drive your car through a few of the giant Redwood trees.  These pictures were in The Letsom Letters Collection and were developed in August 1955:

This one is of the "Chandelier Tree" and was located in Underwood Park.  Notice the bumper stickers wired on to the bumpers.  At that time, this tree was 45' tall and 21' in diameter:

This picture was taken at the same spot, 5 years later.  That's my Daddy, holding me up high:

Ralph and Kathy

Also at the Trees of Mystery park is a huge statue of  Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox.  That is my Mom and me on the fence below.  I wonder if this roll of film just didn't get developed when the other one did, or if this was another trip to San Francisco to visit with Uncle Frank and Aunt Mardy.  We look more bundled up than the one with Dad and me:

I hope that you enjoyed your visit!  Make sure to come back next weekend (or before) for more Sepia Saturday fun.


~ Kathy M. 

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I just got an email from "Anyjazz"  forwarding me this picture off of Joe Barrington's Fliker Page ... a modern day big fish tale:

 Source:  "Fish Bitin' Today?"

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Helen Bauch McHargue said...

Speaking of big fish, Mrs. Elmer Lee Hill must have been a fisherwoman too as she describes "hooking" her husband. Interesting how in today's vernacular, "hooking up" has quite a different meaning. Great photos - a pleasure to read.

Little Nell said...

What interesting trees. I think the upside down one is a favourite. It's crying out for a poem (I bet someone has written one).

Peter said...

Since there was no Photoshop at the time there are just two possibilities for the first picture. It's either a very big fish or a very small truck. The subtitle makes me believe that the photographer is trying to fool us. Or am I wrong?

Wendy said...

I've always wanted to drive through a redwood tree. It sounds like magic. Love the postcard message to send some gossip. You know she was proud to be married since she signed her "official" married name.

barbara and nancy said...

Hi Kathy,
Great post. We have photos of driving through the redwood trees so similar to yours that I think we must have been on the same vacation!
I doubt if it would be legal to carve a statue from a giant redwood these days.

Postcardy said...

I have seen a lot of big fish on postcards, but none with such nice trucks or fish that are bigger than the liars.

Brett Payne said...

I like that caption, "Bend, Oregon, where the fish are bigger than the liars." Great photos Kathy.

Boobook said...

LOL. The fish picture makes me laugh. Imagine one chain holding that slippery customer!
In 2012 we visited the US for the first time and explored some of the mightily impressive redwood forests in California.

Kathy A. Johnson said...

This post made me homesick for the redwood tress in CA! I've not been to the Trees of Mystery (I don't think(, but I have driven through a giant redwood. They smell so wonderful. I want to go see them again.

Bob Scotney said...

Great post, great fish and a fabulous and intricately shaped tree.

Karen S. said...

How cool, you always make the most interesting stories (with photos) out of any theme Alan serves! Could you imagine how many could eat from that whale of a fish!! Wow! I remember driving through a tree somewhat like that in South Dakota, and I know I've seen some really cool and strange trees when I've been to Oregon! You are blessed with so many wonderful trees! Thanks for the fun visit!

Karen said...

Wow, that is an impressive fish and those trees are fascinating. I enjoyed your post very much.

Emma Major said...

how big was that trout? whoa

Anonymous said...

Your series of photos is so special and entertaining! I’ve seen pictures of the giant Redwood trees before (in schoolbooks), but never a big fish like the first picture. However they did it, it’s amazing!

Tina´s PicStory said...

lovely memories :)

Hazel Ceej said...

Whoa! isn't she a great beauty?! Interesting how word meanings change through time (hooked...). 'Underwood Park' is so apt. Those huge trees are amazing.

anyjazz said...

The fish card reminded me that sculptor Joe Barrington of Throckmorton, Texas did his version of this idea. It is here:

Joan said...

Only a couple of things to add -- first, whatcha think of 1-cent postage for postcards. O days of times past!
secondly, you reminded me of how much I have always wanted to visit the Redwoods -- and they aren't so far away from my southern Oregon abode. Good pictures, good laughs makes for a very good day.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I enjoyed the grandness of the scenery especially those wonderful trees. Your fish photo on the truck reminded me of one I have in my family tree collection. It makes me a bit sad to think that such huge, and old, fish were taken for sport. I guess I'm just a softie.

Titania said...

Kathy, Lovely and interesting pictures. It seems everything grows huge in the USA from the trees to the fish! This trout could have fed a crowd, I mean it is so huge,or perhaps the truck was small!

Kristin said...

I'm thinking it was a play truck with a real fish or some trick photography. They did have that before photoshop. That one tree that's twisting and turning reminded me of someone bending over...


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