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Saturday, April 30, 2011

April's A - Z Challenge: The Letter "Z", Big Yellow Ric Rac, This and That Saturday

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The Letter "Z" is for Zig Zag

The last letter of the alphabet, 
and the last day of April's A-Z Challenge.

 Source:  The New Century Dictionary c.1948

I figure if zig-zag is has to do with sharp corners or turns, then ric rac must have to do with softer ones.  If you follow my logic, I think that you will agree.  This brings us to my friend Lisa Plumb's brand new blog,  Big Yellow Ric Rac

Source:  Big Yellow Ric Rac

Lisa has been my friend for 20 years, and she is the most grateful, positive person that you could ever meet.  She lives in Eugene with her sweet best friend husband, Jack.  I can't believe how awesome Big Yellow Ric Rac is!  Man, if only my blog started out as professional as Lisa's is.  On top of the recipes, crafts and travel stories, this gal can really write.  Please check out Big Yellow Ric Rac when you have a minute, and let Lisa know that I sent you her way! 

Source:  Lisa's Profile Page

"I'm a brand new blogger, yammering on here about gratitude, food, recipes, my love of slow cookers, vegetables from our CSA, card making, eating Pad Thai at Saturday Market, going to estate sales and of course, ric rac!"

More news from Eugene:

Source:  Alicia F. ~ Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews
This is my son, Nigel and his girlfriend, Alicia.  I love this picture, they look so happy.  I haven't met Alicia in person yet, but she is a sweetie and was so nice to befriend me on Facebook.  Thanks, Alicia!  Such a cute young couple.

My New Store:  The Beginning

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews

Okay, you guys, I am so stoked!  Last year we bought this little vintage Shasta travel trailer from our neighbors.  It had been in their family since it was new in 1967, and is in really good shape.  We had it down at work as a security trailer, but just brought it home on Thursday.  I am going to clean the inside, repaint the trim on the outside and make slipcovers with some vintage fabric that I have.  Then, I'll start stocking it with my handcrafted gifts.  I'm so excited, because there will be so much more room in our home!

Do you love those vintage curtains as much as I do?

It is going to be my own little store.  I've always wanted one, ever since I was little and my Grandma T. had hers.  There are plans in the works for holding several small craft fairs this summer with my local crafter friends.  I think that we can also hold special teas there too.  The possibilities are endless, if you ask me.

I'll be doing a Sepia Saturday post about the trailer itself later, but I just wanted to to tell you about it.  Thanks to my Cary for once again supporting my dreams.  I sure do love that man.

Have a wonderful weekend, to you all.  Please keep all of our storm friends in your thoughts and prayers.  I sure am.

~ Kathy

Today is the twenty-sixth day of the A - Z Challenge, which is hosted by  Arlee Bird's: Tossing It Out.   Several of my blogging friends are participating, and this year there are over 1,200 participants. We post everyday, except for Sundays, and work our way through the alphabet. I am posting past photos that I have taken, and am linking them up to the posts where the photos originated from too. When you are all done here at Oregon Gifts,  please click here to visit the other bloggers who are participating in this challenge.

If you miss a day, you miss a lot!  Don't miss out on the news ... Please click here to go to my home page and see what is happening in Mayberry today.


liberal sprinkles said...

Kathy, congratulations!! I love the trailer and all the ideas you have for it! I'm so excited for you. WOW, that must be such a thrill! I can't wait to read more about the shop, the tea sessions and see all the crafty stuff you'll be stocking.

Congratulations also for making it all the way from A-Z. WOW! WOW!

I'm off to check out Lisa's blog :)

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Grace, thank you so much for being excited for me! Isn't that little trailer cool?

I'm glad that I completed the challenge, but I'm glad that its all done with too.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Lisa Plumb said...

Thank you, Kathy! It's so sweet of you to feature my brand new blog and I really appreciate the kind things you said about me and Jack and my writing. Today I'm thankful for YOU!
I love the photo of Nigel and Alicia, he still looks like the sweet little boy I knew so long ago.
And your trailer! What a fun, vintage find! It reminds me of the trailers that we camped in when I was a kid. Looking forward to your Sepia Saturday post and more details about your store . . .
Love ya!

juliejulie said...

LOVE this little Trailer! The "T's" would be so proud! I remember getting ice cream bars out of the cooler in Grandma and Grandpa's store after dinner, and how Grandpa smiled when he'd let us sneak them even if we didn't finish our peas. Really, one of the only memories I have of Grandpa since I was so young when he died, so I'm glad it's a good one! Can't wait to see your traveling craft store in real life!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

What a smartie you are! Great idea to use the trailer. I know you'll do your Kathy Magic and turn it into something special. Can't wait to watch the transformation.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Lisa, Aunt Julie and Lisa ...

Thanks so much for being so happy for me! You three are the best, and I love ya lots.

I'm off to visit you now!


Lynn said...

Hi Kathy,
Just when I thought I was caught up with blogs, I go falling behind again. What a cool trailer and idea for your crafts! Yeah for you! I love it. I can't wait to see it filled with your creativeness. And what a cute picture of your son and his girlfriend. And congrats on the AtoZ challenge. That would have made my head spin around!

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