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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Books: Recent Reads

Leaving Home
A Collection of Lake Wobegon Stories
Garrison Keillor
Copyright 1987

This was so fun to read.  It is an oldie but goodie, a compilation of Mr. Keillor's monologues that he told on his Prairie Home Companion radio show, about the folks living in Lake Wobegon.

Thirty-six stand alone short stories that sometimes intertwine and overlap just because they have to do with people living in the same town.   The town of Lake Wobegon.

It is an older book, but I found two copies at St. Vincent de Paul, so keep your eyes open for it because it is wonderful.  I am sure that you can still check this book out at the library.  

Reading this book gave me a great idea.  I can tell short stories about people living in a made up town.  I know that I can do that!   Not as well as Garrison Keillor, but we all need to begin somewhere, now, don't we?  The main point is to just begin.  Since reading this book, I have decided to start writing short stories that will not go on my blog, but that are too good to be forever lost in this Grandma's memory bank.

Drowning Ruth
Christina Schwarz
Copyright 2000

This is an Oprah's Book Club choice from a decade ago.  Does she still have a book club?  I think she does, because the Secret Life of Bees was one of her choices, and it is not that old.  I'll choose a book if it has that logo on it; but I choose many books that do not.

When I first started reading this book, I put it down for about a month.  I thought, oh no, is this about some psycho lady killing a little girl?  I didn't want to deal with that at the time.  Then, last week, I picked it up again, and it really is an interesting and intricate story with many twists and turns.  An amazing first novel, in my opinion.

It is about a woman, Amanda, and how her choices effect her family members and others in their small lakeside community in Wisconsin.  It really is a good book.  Maybe you can still find it in the library?  I got this one at St. Vinnie's too.


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Today must be the day for book postings! I posted about Water for Elephants. :) Love your idea about writing stories down and not blogging about them. I read a quote recently that said, "Every word in your blog is a word not in your book." Food for thought, that. I have heard of Drowning Ruth, but never read it. If you say it's a good one, I'll give it a go!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Lisa,

I've been thinking for two years, whoa, that would be a great story, but I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, you know?

I think that you will like Drowning Ruth. Over and over she leads you in one direction, leaves clues and then twists things around again.


BECKY said...

Hey Kathy! By all means, get to writing those short stories and do not post them on your blog! NO! Because you will put them all in a book to sell!! :)
And Lisa...oooh, that quote is very true and with that, m'dears...I say "good night"!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Becky, you are the best ... you keep encouraging me. I am working through this writing stuff a little at a time. It is kind of like getting my new camera was, taking my time and getting over my fears before I begin. It's funny. I like the idea of selling stories though!

Lisa, I really liked your quote too.

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