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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Times Change: The Hassard House Is Now "Sweet Thang Chocolates"

A couple of years ago I did a post on The Hassard House of Drain, Oregon.  At one point in time, my Great-Great Aunt Myra Hedrick owned it. It has been lovingly restored and was given quite the colorful paint job (the woman who owned it then let her kids each pick out their favorite color and she worked them all in).  This is what it looked like in 2011:

New owners have added a little chocolate business, and have been working on the yard.  They are also making preparations to repaint the home.


While making the rounds to the pioneer cemeteries yesterday, we stopped by and visited the chocolate shop and I took some pictures.  It is hard to tell in the photo below, but there is a porch swing hanging from the porch ceiling.

My aunt and three cousins set on the swing, and it was just too much weight (though they are all rather light, if you take them individually).  I was inside the shop and there was a huge crash.  The swing tore loose from the ceiling.  My Auntie recieved a small bump on her head where a board hit her, and my cousin hurt her leg when the swing dropped and she twisted it.

The owners felt horrible about the whole thing.  The guy is making sure that everybody is okay, and you can see the swing sitting on the porch in the picture above.

Here is my Nanny.  We almost lost her to a heart attack recently, but she is doing great now.

The yard is lush and beautiful:

The train went by as we were there.  Note the limo.  I'm not sure if anybody famous was at the chocolate shop when we were there or not.

My cousins Nanci and Jen are taking pictures too.

Here are some more of the house:

I wonder what the house will look like the next time we visit.

I have a lot of posts coming up, so please keep checking back when you have a chance!

~ Kathy M.

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Sally said...

What a fantastic looking house. I hope you didn't eat too many chocolates.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

What a lovely place! And I'm envious over that garden. :) With the addition of chocolates, it seems all practically perfect! (Well, except for the porch swing. Glad everyone is all right.)

Linda Reeder said...

That is a beautiful old house, but I would sure hate to have to be the one who paints it!
I always wonder about those porch swings - how much they can hold. I guess the answer is 'not enough!" I hope everyone is recovering.

Wendy said...

It's a beautiful house. It's really cool that your family had a chance to visit a house that once belonged in the family. They certainly made quite an impression the day they visited, didn't they? So how was the chocolate?

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

First, glad your Nanny is doing well!

That house is awesome! I hope when the new owners repaint they keep the eclectic look of it, which I think would be beneficial to their business. That's a landmark!

Deb Gould said...

Boyoboy, what a great house (but I'm glad I'm not the one who's painting it)! It's going to look fine no matter the color! Glad you're all okay after the Swing Incident...

Grammy Goodwill said...

I love that house and the story behind all the different colors. I would love a chocolate business, too.

Lynn said...

Love that house... it's "sweet" like in chocolate. From browsing through some posts, looks like you've been busy! love all your pictures.

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