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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April's A - Z Challenge: My Pictures Beginning with the Letter "E"


Please make sure to click on the link beside each photo to read more ...

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope that you enjoyed your visit.  Please leave me a comment so that I can make sure I know to check out your site.  ~ Kathy

Today is the fifth day of the A - Z Challenge, which is hosted by Arlee Bird's: Tossing It Out.  Several of my blogging friends are participating, and this year there are over 1,200 participants. We post everyday, except for Sundays, and work our way through the alphabet.  I am posting past photos that I have taken, and am linking them up to the posts where the photos originated from too.  When you are all done here at Oregon Gifts, please click here to visit other bloggers who have accepted this challenge.

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Dena E's Blog said...

Hey Sis,, this sounds FUN but what if I'd miss a day???? Anyhoo's thanks for your GREAT note yesterday... You sooo bless me with YOU...
God is soooooo AWESOME...
May His Holy Spirit continue to bless you and keep you in His ways...Amen &Amen
Hugs Dena

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hey, Dena ... if you miss a day it is no problem ... cuz everything is on the top of the sidebar, all in order under! Thanks for stopping by, you are a sweetie.

Rayna Natasha Iyer said...

Wow, those eggs look good enough to eat, except they look so good, you cannot eat.
Right now, my life is spiralling out of control, but I shall be back!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You always have pics of the coolest stuff! I love your take on things, and so enjoy the snippets you show. Have a great day, blend!

Arkansas Patti said...

I do need to work on my Emergency preparedness. Thanks for the reminder. Good E.

Donnie said...

Great choices for your letter E.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Natasha, thanks so much for stopping by to visit me! I hope that things settle down for you soon.

Lisa, thanks so much ... it makes me happy that you like me even more over time and keep coming back.

Patti, thanks and good for you for being prepared. I should work on that site more, but the whole topic makes me worry.

Donnie, thank you! I sure do appreciate you.

Kathy M.

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