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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Recent Reads: "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue" by Emily Giffin

Several weeks ago, I was fortunate to find three of Emily Giffen's books at St. Vinnie's for a couple of dollars each.  They were: Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Baby Proof.  I haven't read Baby Proof yet, but the other two are simply delightful!

The first two books are about the same set of 30-something friends who live in New York City, namely: Rachel, Darcy, Dex, Ethan and Marcus, along with a few others.  It is best to read these in order, if you can, but they are for sure great books on their own.
 Something Borrowed
by Emily Giffin
c. 2004

We learn during the first pages of Something Borrowed that good-girl Rachel sleeps with her old friend Dex, who happens to also be her best friend Darcy's fiance.  What a mess!   

This book is about friendship and love, and doesn't get dirty or go into details of sex.  It is more about feelings and the processing of emotions; making decisions of the heart and wading through a whole lot of shoulds and should nots.  

Insightful and funny, Something Borrowed is a pleasure to read.  We follow Rachel and Darcy through their friendship that began in elementary school.  There is underlying competitiveness, and  Darcy has always been self-centered and makes sure that she always gets her own way.  Rachel has always let her, backing down to keep the peace.  Will that dynamic continue forever?  Read and find out!

Something Blue
by Emily Giffin
c. 2005

I don't even want to say too much about this book, because it will be a spoiler to the first one!  It is just as good as the first book, and focuses on Darcy changing into a nicer person.  I will let you know that she moves to England to stay with her and Rachel's other best friend from elementary school, Ethan.

Darcy learns to focus on the less superficial things in life and everything eventually turns out just fine.

Emily Giffin is a great writer.  I plan on eventually reading everything that she has published.

I loved both of these books and they were a nice escape.  If you spot them, get 'em ... you won't be sorry!

~ Kathy M.

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Hart Johnson said...

So great to find bargains on books you want to read! I think cheap books are my favorite. Free books you can sort of blow off and full price books you have high expectations of, but CHEAP books are amazing!

Melissa Bradley said...

Wow, I think we read two different books. :( I did not like Something Borrowed as I felt that Giffen justified cheating by making Darcy into a witch. I could not abide Rachel or Dex. They were extremely weak-spirited characters. It might just be me, though. I normally don't read these kinds of books. Fortunately, I did get this as a freebie and I immediately took it to a book exchange. I picked up a nice violent zombie tale instead. ;)

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hart, I love bargain books the best also.

Melissa, I can see what you are saying about Rachel and Dex, but Darcy was kind of fun to get mad at. I didn't like the part about Rachel and Dex cheating, but I thought that Ms. Giffen did a very good job of delving in to the dynamics of a lifelong friendship. Plus, all along Darcy stole or crushed what was important to Rachel, which Ethan could plainly see. I just thought that it flowed along, and it got my mind of off my own stuff going on around here. :>)

Kathy M.

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