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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Texas Trip: The Last Day

Texas Trip:  The Last Day

The Zito Cafe, The Witt Museum, Francis the Cab Driver, The Trip Home and  McMenamins Edgefield

On our last day in San Antonio, we packed up our bags and checked out.  Our plane was not leaving until 4:00, and we figured that we wouldn't need to be to the airport until 2:00 or so.  We were walking down the Riverwalk and stopped into the Zito Cafe for breakfast.  The people in San Antonio are so friendly.  We were talking to our waiter, and Cary was trying to talk him into going into the military.  They went around and around about it, and he said he would think about it. 

We had a good breakfast, and as we were leaving, got into a conversation with some of the other people who work there.  We were talking about Oregon, and how I had actually missed the mountains on this trip.  I did!  I don't think they have any in Texas, or if they do they are not very big at all.

I was modeling my new sweatshirt from Joe's Crab Shack for Cary.  I bought us both matching sweatshirts there.  They say, "Hot Legs and Great Tail ... and the seafood's pretty good too!"

Here is my sexy husband.  
He's sooo cute sometimes.

The Zito Cafe:


There are more pictures of the Zito Cafe 
in The Riverwalk slide show near the top of this page.

We left the cafe, and were going to stay walking on the Riverwalk, until we ran into construction.  Remember, this is the week they are cleaning up all the mud.  I liked seeing the heavy equipment though, it brought back a sense of home:


So, we went up to the sidewalk level, standing there with our bags when a cab pulled over.  We met a great guy named Francis.  Big and boisterous, and originally from Nigeria, he decided that we should visit the Witt Museum.  So, that is what we did.

While we were there, we met a nice guy that worked there.  He and Cary started talking and the guy had gone to college in Ashland, Oregon, and was a retired teacher.  A very nice man, and a small world.   See the slide show above to view pictures of the displays at the Witt Museum.

The river that runs behind the Witt Museum.

We called Francis back to take us to the airport when it was time to go.  He told us about his son, Ben, who plays basketball for the University of Tulsa, and is being recruited by the pro's.  I looked him up, and sure enough, here is the website link to Ben Uzoh's profile:  :

We left San Antonio, this time flying on Frontier.  They charged us for our bags.  But, they had leather seats and t.v.'s for everybody.  I really did enjoy flying with them.  This time we flew to Denver and then back to Portland.  Cary almost got left behind as he took a smoke break in that airport.  And, he was touched by an "Angel", that was the cocktail waitress' name ... glad I wasn't there to see and go through it.  But, a man called Route 66 was there witnessing the whole thing.  You'll have to ask Cary about that adventure!

 We landed in Portland with no problem, got our bags with no problem, and actually found our car with no problem.  That last one was a bit of a miracle.  We drove to Troutdale and stayed at McMenamins Edgefield.  

Talk about a bargain ... it is beautiful there, and quiet.  No t.v.'s, no phone's in the rooms, bathrooms and showers are down the hall.  Our room was only $50.00 for a queen with antique furniture.  After we got settled in, we went to the downstairs restaurant and billiard room.  I had a turkey sandwich for dinner.  Cary had already eaten cheese curds and the rest of my taco's on the plane.  We went to bed around 11:00 and got up early.  I walked around in my p.j.'s and complimentary bathrobe and took lots of pictures of the artwork as I explored the hotel in the early morning.  It used to be a poor farm, and then a nursing home.  Here is the website: and then look for Edgefield. 






Where we ate dinner.



And then we left, driving home over Mt. Hood.  We stopped to eat at Warm Springs, and visited with the employees of the restaurant.  It was a slow day, and we were the only diners.  Cary suggested that they put up a bunch of Jacoby Ellsbury memorabilia in their eatery.  

They have a new young woman who began managing it last year, and it is really clean and nice now.  The whole place has been remodeled and updated.

Then, finally, we were home!  And it feels like I have been on here ever since.  

Some of the artwork in the Hotel at Edgefields:














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