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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brigham Young and Vintage Salt Lake City Postcards:

This week's Sepia Saturday theme has to do with singing and old songs.  In my monster post of this week,  "An Account of the Fletcher's Crossing the Plains",  I did include some pictures of a songbook containing pioneer songs.  This particular post finishes up the sets of vintage postcards that Uncle John and Aunt Signa bought on their honeymoon.

 "Brigham Young and Vintage Salt Lake City Postcards"

"Brigham Young was born June 1, 1801 in Whittingham, Vt.  He succeeded Joseph Smith as President of the "Mormon" Church when the latter was martyred in Carthage, Ill. in 1844.  He led a small band of pioneers into the great unknown West in 1847 and established Salt Lake City where he proved himself to be the greatest colonizer of his time.  He died in Salt Lake City, Aug. 29, 1877."

Unable to afford larger wagons or mules and horses, many Mormon followers migrated to Salt Lake City using "Mormon Handcarts" from 1856 to 1860.

From those humble beginnings, Salt Lake City looked like this around the 1940's, when my Uncle John Hedrick and Aunt Signa Woods Hedrick visited there on their honeymoon in November 1945.  To see the postcards that they purchased of Reno, Nevada on their way to Salt Lake City, please check out last week's posts: "Uncle John and Aunt Signa Go to Reno" and  "Vintage Reno and Vicinity Postcards".

The newlyweds bought this postcard packet, distributed by the Deseret Book Co. of Salt Lake City, which has been in business since 1866.

 The following photo postcards were inside:

So, there you are, my friends.  If you enjoyed this story, please visit my Sepia Saturday friends by "CLICKING HERE" to find other neat photos and stories.  To read more about my family and other stories featuring old photos, memories and more, please look for this picture of me and my dad on the left-hand sidebar and read whatever else catches your fancy.  Thanks so much for visiting!

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Little Nell said...

You must be grateful to the honeymoon couple for saving all the packets of postcards they bought as souvenirs! i wonder what they’d have thought about them appearing on the inernet. I’ve no idea what I’m going to do for ths week’s Sepia Saturday.

Tammy said...

What cool postcards!! And very cute picture of you with your dad!

Kathy said...

Wow, those are some great postcards. You're very lucky to have them. Thanks for stopping by my Wordless Wednesday!
Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

barbara and nancy said...

What a difference between the Reno and salt lake city postcards.

forgetmenot said...

Hey Kathy, Yes, we did have more stormy weather-lots of hail and high winds. Thankfully we got some rain too--we are so far behind for the year! LOVED the post cards--so interesting to look back in time. Great post! Have a terrific weekend. Mickie :)

Alan Burnett said...

Contemporary postcards give a wonderful insight into history and this is what makes this such a fascinating post. On my way over to check out the earlier post now

KathyB. said...

I am wondering if our children will be posting pictures of our memorabilia in the near future? A great way of sharing and preserving our family history.

Karen S. said...

I do believe your posts should run on some of the travel sites! Amazing!

Bob Scotney said...

Hi Kathy, the Mormon Handcarts picture does not show on your post but can be seen if you click on it.
What a tremendous pack of postcards of Salt Lake City; my favourite is the one with the Wasatch Mountains.

Postcardy said...

Brigham Young does not look like a nice man to me, though that's probably because it is such an early photo.

Titania said...

Wonderful collection of postcards telling the story. I want to peruse and read more of your family history, so very interesting that they took the time to leave a trail.

barbara and nancy said...

I sure wouldn't have wanted to be one of Brigham Young's wives. He really does look mean.

Linda@VS said...

Loved the postcards and would love to see Salt Lake City in person. I've always heard it's a beautiful place. I agree with the others: Brigham "Not-So-Young" doesn't look like very warm and friendly.


First, get rid of that anonymous, it's a spammer, I checked it out.

Then, Brigham would be astonished to see of far things have come from those humble beginning. Perseverance has its rewards.

Julie Daines said...

Those are wonderful. How neat to have this set of postcards from your Aunt and Uncle's honeymoon tour. Thanks for sharing!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Glad that you guys enjoyed this post! Brigham Young does look mean, doesn't he. Maybe that is what it took to do all that he did?

Kathy M.

Teresa Wilson Rogers said...

Beautiful vintage postcards of SLC - I've always wanted to go there, hopefully I will get there someday but in the meantime I can enjoy through these.


Should I ever go there, I MUST meet Mary Osmond!! What can I say? Childhood crush!!
And she must sing Paper Moon to me!!

vabna islam said...

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