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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1976 Bi-Centennial Trip to Summers, Arkansas

In 1976, our family celebrated by hopping on an airplane for a two-week vacation.  

The first week, we went to the East Coast and met up with Mom's sister and her family in Annapolis, Maryland.  We rented a huge van that said "Rent Me" on the side, and took in the sights.  We went to Westpoint, New York.  We stayed overnight in Brooklyn, and took the subway and ferry to the Statue of Liberty.  We were lucky to be able to climb up into the torch.  We went to Washington D.C. on two different days, and also went to tons of other historical sites.  I have some photos of that part of the trip someplace, and Mom has the rest.  But, this post is about the second week of that vacation.

A side note ... the next year, 1976 was the year that I graduated from high school.  Somebody gave this two dollar bill in one of my cards.  I think that it is an anniversary edition.  I'll bet you two dollars that it is!

Anyway, back to the second week of our fun trip.  Our plane landed in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  My Grandma and Grandpa were already in Summers, and so was my Uncle Kenny and my cousins Chad and Nicola.  Uncle Kenny came to pick us up at the airport in somebody's station wagon.  We were about an hour away from where we would be staying for the next week, with our Arkansas family in Summers.

On the way to Aunt Mabel's that night, we all got the low-down of how we were supposed to behave during this visit.  Mom had to smoke out back, behind the outhouse.  I had to wear a bra the whole time, unless I was in my p.j.'s.  Uncle Kenny would have to join Mom as she was puffing away, if he wanted to drink a beer.  Dad had quit smoking and drinking by then, but I bet the rest of us told him that he couldn't cuss.  That was one rule we were probably all happy about.  You might imagine ... we were rebels out here in Oregon, and from the little hippie town of Eugene to boot.

Here are some of the photos that I have in my photo album:

Me riding Uncle Cecil's horse in 1976.

Aunt Mabel and Grandpa Delmar

My Oregon Cousins:  Chad and Nicola

Geneva, Suzanne and Wayne

Grandma Agnes and Geneva

Aunt Laura, Uncle Joe (George) and Jason


Aunt Chloe

I loved this storm cellar ... I think it is at 
Aunt Chloe and Uncle Cecil's

We had a wonderful and relaxing time with our Arkansas family.  They were all so NICE.  Nice and polite; friendly and warm.  We visited, shared, and ate and ate.  We were not used to all that food!  A huge breakfast, a huge lunch, and probably a huge dinner.  We were staying on a farm, and those working men had to eat.  The aunties would say, girl, you need to eat some more!  None of us were used to that much food, but boy it was good.  Here it is 35 years later and I'm still talking about it!

One day, we drove into Fedville.  The sign on the outside of town said "Fayetteville", so I was a bit confused, but they are both one and the same.  I remember it being such a pretty town, with brick and trees. 

Another day, we had a picnic/family reunion with a bunch more relatives, out in a huge park by water and big trees.  It didn't look so different from Oregon to me.  It was so fun, and once again the food was wonderful.  I also remember that at least once, we went to Siloam Springs and visited family there too.

So, those are a few of my memories.  This week, through my blog and the help of others, some of my Arkansas cousins have contacted me and we are getting to know each other.  I feel so very blessed!  They are telling me that it was pretty weird to see their family on somebody else's blog ... and it would be, wouldn't it!

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Suzanne said...

I love the pics!! I don't remember that photo of me and my parents - and I sure don't remember those plaid pants!! Oh my!!! Sure glad the styles have changed!!! lol.....

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