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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bargain Book Bonanza #6 and Blue Monday: St. Vinnie's Books in La Pine

For Blue Monday, I wanted to show you these blue books that I bought last week at our local St. Vincent de Paul:

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

Happy Blue Monday!  Thank you to Smiling Sally for being our gracious hostess.  Please CLICK HERE to go see lots and lots of other blue things.

Here is the story of my great book buys at St. Vinnie's.  Luck was with me, let me tell you.  It was 1/2 price day on everything in the store.  Except for the books in the shopping carts outside the front door, but they were really, really cheap.

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

I met a nice lady named Diana, who volunteers in the book section.  Don't ask me why I didn't take her picture.  Diana has all the books sorted and organized, and she will even read stories to the kids who come in with their parents at this cute little table.  I noticed a huge difference in the book are since the last time that I was there.  You are doing a great job, Diana!

One time I was looking through the books here, and there were a couple of other ladies doing the same.  A Bible jumped out at the younger woman and fell to the floor.  She made a joke that maybe God was trying to tell her something, but she didn't buy the Bible.  I did!  I was afraid not too.

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

Hardbacks were .50 and paperbacks 
were .25, in these carts outside.

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

Here is what I got for $14.00.  Really good stuff!  Some Mauve Benchy and a Coleen McCullough that I hadn't even heard of.  A Ken Folliet, an old Julie Garwood, a Green Mile and a Ya Ya Sisterhood, to name a few:

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

Kathy Matthews, April 2011

Kathy Matthews, April 2011
And a bunch of The Babysitters Clu
books, which I have never read.

I also got this book, Beloved, by Toni Morrison for .50 and I am reading right now.  It is excellent!  Some supernatural goings on, but so much more about what happened to former black slaves after the Civil War ended too.  Oprah starred in the movie of the same name years ago.  The movie confused me, but the book doesn't.

So, if you are looking for a good deal, on books, check out your local St. Vincent de Paul.

Please join the rest of us with Lesa and her friends, over at Baja Greenawalt's Cozy Book Nook's: Bargain Book Bonanza.  We would love it if you would post about your great buys too!  

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xinex said...

Wow! Great books ar great prices....Christine

Pain SUX said...

Wow, you really got some great books here. I love Maeve Binchy and Tony Morrison.

Great bargains :)

Have a wonderful upcoming week.


liberal sprinkles said...

that is a fabulous buy Kathy. I love bargain books, well I love all bookshops actually! I could spend hours in there but I get so tempted so I spend a lot of time at the library instead! I don't know the books you've got here although I recognize some of the authors of course. I watched the Gorky Park movie years ago, I had it on tape then and must have played it 10 times!
Have a great week Kathy!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I've found this blog. I'm so surprised by your way of thinking and writing. Have you thought about writing a book?

Arkansas Patti said...

You made a marvelous haul. The one thing I miss by having a Kindle is the satisfaction a stack of books can bring. But since I have down sized drastically, I would have no place to display them. I gave all mine away to the library for their sale.

Dhemz said...

oh my gosh! I salute you for being a great reader...reading is not my passion...too bad! awesome collection....thanks for dropping by my BM...great to be here.

SmilingSally said...

Girl, you've got some BIG TIME reading to do!

Happy Blue Monday!

Be sure to check out my book giveaway.

Cindy Adkins said...

Happy Blue Monday! What a fantastic book sale. I remember when my daughter was little--she used to read The Babysitter's Club books and loved them--It brought back memories for me to see the picture of that!

Enbrethiliel said...


What an excellent haul! But predictably enough, I was most interested in the Baby-sitters Club books. =P

Diana sounds like a lovely person! If I volunteered at a bookstore, I'd try to read aloud to children, too. =)

Lesa said...

What an terrific eclectic haul-- you are my kind of reader for sure! How people read just one genre is beyond me-- Do you find that odd too?

I would love to dig through those carts full of books! A Bible jumping out would certainly give a person pause-- wonder what that lady has been up to?? hahhaa

Julie Garwood was one of my favorite romance authors-- I've never read any of her crime novels though. Have you?

Thanks for joining BBB again!! And thanks for encouraging others to join in!


lina@happy family said...

Great books collection :)

Eden said...

Lots of blues there.

Those books are really cheap.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Wow, everybody, thank you for all the comments! I'm off to pay you each a visit now.

Take care,

Kathy M.

DeLynne said...

Kathy, You continue to astound me! How you can blog AND read in such epic proportions is amazing. Tell me you don't do the patchwork and crocheting I see in the background, as well?

I haven't read Beloved, yet. Must get to it.

Thanks for participating in the BBB again!

Joyful said...

I just love books I bought 5-6 yesterday and I already have tons! I can't keep up to the reading though. I'll have to try and make time. I see you have a Maeve Binchy book that I haven't read yet, Heart and Soul. I'm wondering if it is an older one. I'll have to look it up.

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