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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Congratulaions On Winning the Rose Bowl, Oregon Ducks! AND ...The Army All-American Game:

Source:  Google Images and

Yesterday, the Oregon Ducks played the Wisconsin Badgers at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, and they won 45-38.  Though the Ducks have been invited many times to the Rose Bowl, this is the first time that they were victorious since 1917. 

We are Oregon fans are awful proud of our Ducks!  Here is link to a neat photo essay of the game; if you want to check it out, just "CLICK HERE".  

Cary and I enjoyed the game from the comfort of our living room, and were happy to have the construction fans and dehumidifier turned off so that we could actually hear the t.v.   Things on the roof repair are progressing smoothly, thank goodness.

Did you wonder why the Rose Bowl was not played on New Year's Day this year?  The parade and game were delayed to January 2nd instead.  One reason for this is because college teams do not play on Sunday, as Sunday is reserved for the NFL.  

So, we are almost done with football this year.  Almost.  There is now a countdown to playoff games for the pros and the Superbowl to look forward to for most people.  But our family and friends have a very special game coming up on Saturday:  The Army All-American Game in San Antonio, Texas.  The Army All-American Game is like the Superbowl for high school kids.

Photo Source:  Either Jen Matthews or Army All American Bowl's FB Page
"Tyler Matthews, #12"

Loyal Oregon Gifts readers know that our grandson, Tyler Matthews, (formerly of McPherson, Kansas, and a Texas Christian College recruit) will be playing quarterback for the West team in Saturday's game.  Currently the the West and the East are practicing hard to pull their teams together and are getting ready for the big game. 

Cary and I are so excited to be able to go and watch the game in person, and spend time with the family.  We will be sitting in the area reserved for family, so look for us if you get the chance.  The game will be shown on NBC Sports (formerly known as Verses).  It begins at 12:00 Central Time (I think that makes it 10:00 PST) on Saturday, January 7th.  I hope that you can get it where you live, and will get a chance to see Tyler play his first nationally televised game.

Source:  Army All-American Game Facebook Page

So, even though I grew up in Eugene and will always be a Duck, I am also wholeheartedly supporting the TCU Horned Frogs team and their newest quarterback, Tyler Matthews.

Go Ducks!  Go Frogs!  Go West!

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Kathy A. Johnson said...

Yay, Ducks! The Rose Bowl and the Rose Parade are both very familiar to me because I lived in Pasadena for years. I've attended and worked at the Rose Parade, but never attended the Rose Bowl, though. I love the parade, but I missed watching on TV this year, even though I planned to. My husband had a rare day off and I spent it with him puttering around town--it was worth missing the parade :). Happy New Year and good luck to your grandson and his team!

BECKY said...

Football...and ducks...and frogs....Oh My! :)

Hi Kathy! Have a wonderful week!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

congrats to your grandson! And of course to our ducks...did you also know that was the highest scoring rose bowl in history? Heyyy I swear I have ran into a few times in la pine but I am never certain if it is you??? cherry

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

You KNOW I'll be watching for the televised game. And I will have my cellphone by my side in case the camera crews span the 'family' section. You just may be on TV.

And...........I would LOVE to meet you some day if you ever get down to 'our neck of the woods'.

"See" you Saturday. [hope it's televised here]

Arkansas Patti said...

I have Direct TV but that channel is not in my package. Rats.
Hope you post lots of pictures.
I missed the New Year's day constant bowl coverage. Sunday is for NFL.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Thanks, everybody! Patti, I'm sorry that you don't get that channel. A couple of years ago we had to go to the local sports bar to watch an important Duck game because it was on Versus and didn't get it on cable. Now that Versus is NBC Sports, it sounds like that is happening to you and others.

Anni, that would be cool, both if we get to meet someday, and if you catch our picture at the game, lol. My friend Sandy was watching a Duck game on her DVR, saw her daughter Sami and her boyfriend at the game, reversed it and took their picture on the t.v.! Who would have thought.

Thank you, Cherry. Ha! Don't be shy next time ... it probably is me, in my jeans and sweatshirt and no make-up, lol.

Kathy, that is very interesting that you worked at the parade for quite awhile. Not many of us have even been to it in person. Thanks for your support!

Becky, you are funny. I thought that "Go West!" was kind of funny too, like in the olden days. Thanks, you have a wonderful week too.


Lynn said...

Congrats to your grandson! I'm sure you're quite proud.

forgetmenot said...

Kathy, How exciting to get to see your grandson play on Saturday--I definitely will tune in too. I bet you make it down to TCU for some of the game next year --what a thrill that will be. Hope your New Year is great so far. Oh yes, I use Picasa 3 to store my pics and them go to Piknic to do "fun" things with them. A lot of Piknic is free but I did pay $25 to get the upgrade which has some textures in it (also a touchup section where you can erase wrinkle from your portraits---yes, I love that feature). Enjoy the game on Saturday. Hugs, Mickie :)

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