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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Texas Trip: The Second Day

Texas Trip:  The Second Day

The Riverwalk, Tyler's Combine, The Army Display, The Mexican Food Dinner

We woke up and went downstairs for breakfast.  We discovered that this is where the Hyatt Regency made their money.  The buffet was $18.00 per person, plus tax.  Oh, well.  Bev and Halie took me up on the roof to see the pool and so I could take pictures of the view.  It was very cold and windy that day, and I was glad that I had brought my heavy coat from home to wear.

Bev and Halie

Bev showed me that the Alamo was right across the street.  I zoomed in for some photos.

A view of the city from the hotel roof.  That colorful tower with the flag is the Mary Moore Building.  I need to find out more about it's significance.

I took a little walk by myself along the Riverwalk to take some pictures.  It was really cold and nobody wanted to come with me.  But, I was the one with the warm coat, dressed in layers.  I try to always be prepared.

For more Riverwalk pictures, 
please see the slide show above.

Then, we drove over to the Alamodome.

We parked in the lot and walked to the front.  It was so cold!  It was in the 30's and the wind was blowing.  Our purses were searched when we went inside.  Come to find out, they were looking for any food.  They wanted us to pay for their $4.50 hot dogs and $3.00 coffees.  I was started to become resentful regarding food prices in this town.

There were not too many people in there; probably around 700 or so.  Families were watching their boys perform.  So were coaches, reporters, recruiters and trainers.

It was a great honor for Tyler to be invited to attend the "Combine".  He was one of only 15 sophomores out of 500 boys nationwide to attend.  He is a quarterback with a fantastic arm, and he threw 50 yard passes.  So relaxed, not much fazes him.  Tyler proudly wears his cross that he got for Christmas at all times, and is using his football talents to witness for the Lord.

We met two reporters from a website called   One reporter was from North Carolina, and he was telling us about a boy on his son's team, Gabe, who was very good, and had moved from North Carolina to attend South Eugene High School and was going to play for the University of Oregon.

This event was sponsored by the Army.  The Seniors and some Juniors played in the Army National All Star game the next day, Saturday, on t.v.  The best of the best of the best!


Tyler gets ready to throw.
For more pictures of Tyler at Combine, please view the slide show.

While Tyler's team was taking a lunch break, Cary, Hal, Cameron and I went outside to check out the Army displays.  I was taken by how many different jobs there are available in the Army.  I left there feeling patriotic and almost wanting to join in my old age.

Cameron and Hal

Cameron conspires with a soldier on the best way to maneuver the robot and get the football over the goal post.  The controls were backwards compared to his game system at home.  Cameron got the ball all the way to the top, but it didn't go over the bar.  That happens sometimes in football!  He did better than the kid before him, who had the robot all turned around and almost ran over Cary's foot.

Army horses.

Mobile Emergency Command Post

Soldier Ice Carver

Army Race Car

Cameron, Cary and Hal checking 
out another Army race car.

Wall of Army Values

Folks were driving this mini 
tank over junked cars.

Army Flight Simulator

Tank with cargo.

Search and Rescue dog in training.

They were offering free food in the mess tent, and I couldn't eat it.  I felt horrible for throwing it away, and even more horrible now that the earthquake in Haiti has occurred.  I also feel horrible for the soldiers who have to eat it everyday overseas.  Most of it tasted like tofu in Velveta cheese with spices.  If they sold it in the store, nobody would buy it.  I think they could make better stuff for our military to eat.

This was an abandoned house nearby.  
It was really old and scary looking.

After a day at the Alamodome, we returned back to our hotel, starving.  We walked down the Riverwalk to a Mexican restaurant to eat dinner. The prices were normal, thank goodness.

Tyler, Randy, Cameron, Jen and Halie

Halie and Grandpa Cary

Me and Tyler

The Mariachi singers came by and sang happy anniversary to Randy and Jen.  The next day was their 17th!  Yeah!

They began singing and then told 
Cary it was $8.00.  He forked it over.

Tyler looks less than impressed.


Tyler, Randy and Cameron

Cameron and Jen

Pretty Halie


After dinner, we went back to our room.  I was beat.  I put on my pajamas and turned on the t.v.  Everybody else went downstairs for ice cream.  We both slept good that night.

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