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Friday, February 24, 2012

Book Blurb Friday: "Castle Mountain" and "Tough Choices"

Today marks the one year anniversary of  Lisa Richard Claro's Book Blurb Friday!  I have had so much fun participating in this fun meme, where you make up a 150 word story to go with the featured picture, in hopes that it will one day make it into a book.

 "Castle Mountain"
by Kathy Matthews

Politics are not for the faint of heart.  Nor for those who suffer from Narcolepsy under stressful situations.  Many residents of Castle Mountain believed all along that Clyde Rainey should not have run for City Council.  Clyde, however did not believe in being limited by his disabilities, and gave his campaign the old college try.

Still, it was kind of sad the night of the primary, when Rainey kept falling asleep as the results trickled in.  This photo was plastered all over the news and was in the next morning's paper. 

Clyde Rainey's opponent, Rachel Madlow, was ecstatic over the way things turned out ... except for the fact that she lost the election by 1000 votes.  Furious, she vows to destroy "sleepyhead's" life.  How low will she go?  Read this fun book about small town politics, and get caught up with the interesting characters that live there.  (148)

Thanks, Lynn from  Present Letters for this photo!  I'd love to hear the real story behind it.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews
Tough Choices
by Kathy Matthews

Wee Willy Laser was the new small-dog model for Companion Wear, and he loved his new job.  It offered on-site photo shoots in locations he had never before dreamed existed.  From summer lakes modeling life jackets in Georgia; to snowshoeing wearing special footwear in Bend, Oregon, this was the life. 

His mama, Cara Laser, was grateful for Willy's job too.  It paid well, and gave her opportunities for some extra-curricular fun.  Cara was currently in love with Companion Wear President, Jason Fry. 

The only issue was that Jason was extremely jealous of Willy.  Cara needed to choose.  Would she give up her dog-child and lose the income or give into the love of her life?  Jason was insisting that Wee Willy be gone.  He was offering her marriage and baby, but what if he became jealous of their child also? 

When Willy turns up missing, Cara is devastated.  

Help! (149)

Like Wiener Dogs?  You'll enjoy this story:

Thank you to Lynn Obermoeller for picture number on top and for Lisa Ricard Claro for photo number two.  If you would like to read my other Book Blurb Friday posts, scroll down the side-bar on the left hand-side until you get to this picture:

I am participating in Lisa's Book Blurb Friday, from over at Writing in the Buff.   It is fun, and you can play too!  Pretend that the picture on the top of this post is the cover of a book.  On the inside jacket, you have 150 words to entice the reader to buy your book.  Lisa gives us a week to think about next week's entry (she's gracious like that).  Please CLICK HERE on Friday to read what everybody else wrote!

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Kay L. Davies said...

Complications galore, Kathy, from narcolepsy to pet jealousy in these two blurbs. If I had to choose between buying one book or the other, I'd have to buy the first one, because the thought of dognapping is just too stressful.
Good work!

Bookie said...

Your political angle is a good one and very timely! I believe you have a good reader snatching book here.

Arkansas Patti said...

Loved your blurbs, especially the one about the sleepy politician. We probably need more of them, They do less damage asleep. You have such a fertile mind.
Adored the video and laughed at the rabbit truffles. Sadly, those are Mighty's favorites.

Lynn said...

Ha Kathy, that was great - "sleepyhead" politician. Totally unique angle.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

In the first blurb, you had me hooked with the the narcoleptic politician. All I could think about was the movie "Rat Race" and the narcoleptic played by Rowan Atkinson. So funny. Love this concept.

Your blurb with McGee is terrific, too. I'm hoping that Jason turns out to be a good guy who ends up loving the pooch. I always prefer a happy ending. :)

Tammy said...

Fun is right. I loved your take on both of them!

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