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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

McKenzie Station Espresso and Inn at the Bridge in McKenzie Bridge, Oregon

As we left Belknap Springs Resort and were heading back to our campsite at Holiday Farms R.V. Resort (everything seems to be a resort up here), Cary and I stopped in the small community of McKenzie Bridge to have some ice-tea at this delightful little place:

We had driven by it so many times, and I am so happy that we took the time to visit.  Located right on the McKenzie Highway, across the street from the McKenzie Bridge store, this was a jewel of a find.  (By the way, the McKenzie Bridge store is now for sale, if you are interested.)

As you walk into the front door, there is an espresso bar and a deli.  Turn to your right, and you walk into a gift shop full of antiques and some tables to sit at and enjoy your meal.  There is also plenty of seating available outside.

The colors of the items for sale looked mighty pretty to me, and I asked if it was okay to take pictures for my blog.  The young man said that would be fine, so here are those pictures.  There was a little bit of everything in there.  Next time we go back, I will plan on doing some shopping.

The espresso/deli/gift-shop is also the office for the "cabin" rentals next door.  Newer, two bedroom beautiful homes on the river are available to enjoy for your vacation on The McKenzie.

So, friends, there you go!  Here is the website for Inn at the Bridge, just "CLICK HERE".   Make sure to stop in for refreshments or to do a bit of antique shopping the next time you are in the McKenzie Bridge area.  Tell them that you saw their fine establishment on my blog!

~ Kathy M.

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Tammy said...

What a great find! Love the umbrellas everywhere!

Helen said...

I had no idea when I read your post yesterday that my grandson and a few of his friends + one mom had spent time at Belknap Springs on Sunday!! Small world.

Little Nell said...

Goodness Kathy I wouldn’t know where to turn in that shop - and who does the dusting!

Melissa Bradley said...

Wow, what a gorgeous, eclectic place. I want to buy everything in the pictures. :) I'll have to add this place to my travelogue.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

If I went into that gift shop, I'd still be there three hours later. A wonderful place to browse.

Arkansas Patti said...

I hope they gave you a free something for the great plug.
That looks like one of those places you could visit time and again and see something different each time.

Carol Kilgore said...

Hee-hee...loved the pink elephant :)

Mama Zen said...

What a neat little place!

Alan Burnett said...

Wow! That is certainly a colourful place. I even followed the link and found out exactly where you were. What a lovely part of the world.

Jen Chandler said...

What fun! This place reminds me of so many places I went to with my parents growing up. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :). Love the peacock umbrella!

Happy Thursday,

Arlee Bird said...

This looks like a lovely place to spend some time. The store would be a fun investment.

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