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~ Kathy M.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dinner at Anthony's in Bend, Oregon:

Last night, I got invited out on a date.  I was to make the decisions; come up with the ideas.  The pressure was on.

Where did I want to eat?  We still have our Christmas gift certificates for The Olive Garden and the movie theater, but decided to wait to use those at another time.  We were both in the mood for seafood.  What about McGrath's?  Well, we have been there several times, so let's try something else. Okay. What about that place in the Old Mill District, where Mitzi takes us for lunch?  Whatever you, want, honey, it is your choice. 

So that is where I chose for us to go, to Anthony's.  Here is my little review of our experience.  

It was early, around 6:00.  As Cary was finishing up his cigarette outside, I went in to see if there was a waiting list for a table.  The hostesses swooped me right up and were ready to seat me that second.  I was a bit unnerved.  I said, but wait, my husband is still outside.  I ran out to tell him to hurry up, they had a table for us.  He said that he would be in soon. 

I went back inside and said, he'll be here in just a second.  They said, that is okay, we can go ahead and seat you.  We will tell him where you are.  Whatever.  This set the tone for the whole experience, really.  Everybody was very nice and professional, but I felt rushed the whole time that we were there.  I know that the staff would be surprised to hear me say that, because they were only trying to provide the best service possible.  An exception, our waiter didn't make me feel that way, he was a sweetheart.  There was just so much action around there.

Because we were early, there were many tables available.   I have worked in restaurants over the years, and I know that you have to divvy people out among the wait staff so that they can do their job well.  It just happens that our waiter had tables right across the isle from the huge, open and noisy kitchen.  The whole restaurant was very noisy (it is built like a warehouse), but a table closer to the windows with a view of the Deschutes would have been preferable. 

Still, we hadn't made reservations nor asked for anything extra special, so I decided to just go with it and see how things panned out ... and then blog about it later.  It is kind of like being a secret shopper.

This is my date.  Cary easily found me; they probably said oh, we stuck you guys right across from the kitchen, you can't miss her.  Nobody can miss the kitchen in this place, it is the centerpiece!

Our waiter was a nice young man, and he brought me a delicious glass of Merlot.  It was $7, tasted like grapes and I really liked it.  At home I drink my wine out of Jimmy Buffett mugs, and spend $7 for a whole bottle, so this was a treat.  I felt like a grown up, holding that dainty wine glass.

It came time to order.  The prices were very expensive, but perhaps this has to do with the freshness of the seafood.  Bread comes with your order, but not salad.  Cary chose the trout for $18 and I chose the seafood fettuccine for $21.

As we were waiting for our meal to arrive, I began to get used to the noise.  Or perhaps the wine was having its desired effect.  This place is full of staff, and is run like a well-oiled machine.  It was kind of like watching t.v., so I took a few pictures without the flash.  I didn't want to tip them off about being a spy.  Our waiter noticed, but nobody else did.

Cary was observing the young woman with the apron.  He said, look at her, look at her what her job is.  She makes sure that the food looks good, puts grass on it, and adds the sauces.  (I think that she was actually adding garnishes such as parsley instead of grass, but he knows how to make me laugh.)

What I noticed about her was that when she was done with making things pretty, she'd say, "Anna!  You're up!" or "Kristin! You're up!"   For some reason, I never noticed her having to call for one of the guy waiters.  She was really good at her job though.

This was Cary's dinner.  He said that it was very, very good.  It sure does look good:

This was mine.  Mine came with a little metal bowl and tiny fork so that I could get the shells off of the muscles.  I had to work a bit to eat my dinner, but it was delicious:

We were in and out of there quickly, and the two dinners and one glass of wine came to $46.00.  Our waiter was great, and the food was too.  I don't know if I will want to go back soon though.  It is so loud in there, and wasn't very relaxing. 

So, there you go. Take this review for what it is, a description of our experience at Anthony's in Bend, Oregon.

~ Kathy M.

To read about our lunch experience at Anthony's with Mitzi, please "CLICK HERE".

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Grammy Goodwill said...

Well, you LOOKED good and so did the food. You got some great pictures in the restaurant. I loved Cary's comment about the grass. I would have laughed at him, too.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

There are tons of noisy restaurants now...everyone likes to open things up like a warehouse! Funny...I just returned to Philly this morning after spending a week in Portland with my daughter and her kids while my son in law was in Bend for business! I wonder if he ate at Anthony's....hehehe

Kathy A. Johnson said...

I enjoyed reading about your date night. My husband and I like to eat out early, and usually it's no problem getting seated, but you don't always get the seat you'd like unless you ask (which he always does!). The food looked delicious! Now you've inspired me to schedule a date night!

Arkansas Patti said...

How sweet to have a "date" night.
The place sounded great if noisy. One more glass of wine would have made it perfect.
You both looked adorable.

Nick Wilford said...

The food looks great, I'm a big seafood fan, but I agree, I like a bit of background hum in terms of noise when eating out, not anything too loud.

Lynn said...

Sounds like you ate good and even though there was a lot of noise (which I don't like either), you had a good time!

KathyB. said...

We love to eat at the 2 Anthony's close to us, one in Tacoma and one in Olympia, both on the waterfront. We will gladly wait for a table with a view because Anthony's is expensive enough that if the setting isn't enjoyable what's the point of eating out there? We are always very happy with the view, the service, and most importantly, the food, which is a good thing,because it is a bit pricey, even for lunch. We go back every so often, and always happy we did.Looks like you had a great meal and a good time too. Next time I'd hold out for the right seat too.

Linda Reeder said...

I think that review would fit any Anthony's I have been in. They are all loud, efficient, fresh, and pricey. We don't go there often, because it's hard to hear conversation.


I looked at the menu and since I'm used to spending twice the amount you spent for both of you, I find their price quite good, on par with what I see here. I favor certain places, and have a specific table in mind for each. If we can't have it, we go to the next one. We have so many restaurants here, it's almost obscene, but convenient as well for any customer.I must say there is a tiny detail I noticed that I appreciate, their gluten free menu. I have a friend for whom it is essential to her well being and it's good to know they pay attention to this particular clientele.
So? When's your next date night???
Soon, hopefully...
Next time, have Cary wear a tie, or at least a shirt!! Reminds me of my parents where my mom would dress up, and my father would just throw a casual jacket over his polo shirt...
But I do give him points for his humor: Grass!!!

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