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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's Happening Wednesday:

Source:  "Top News Today"

Sally at Retired English Teacher writes on her blog today about the fire in Colorado Springs, CO.  It is now out of control, and they need "prayers and rain".  I can't do much about the rain, but you guys sure do have my prayers.  I feel so badly for you that this is happening.  Sally provides a news link for live streaming, and you can "CLICK HERE" to get to go to KOAA.  Also, Samaritan's Purse is one of the organizations helping fire victims.  Their fire link information can be found by "CLICKING HERE".

UPDATE:  Here is Sally's latest report on the fire, "Smoke, Rain and Wind".


 "Family Time"
On Sunday, they had another party that I didn't make it over to the valley for, and here are the pictures that my sister sent me.  Thank you, Aunt Julie.  I am sorry that we missed out on the gathering, it looks like it was so much fun.

Jill, Kari, Aunt Loveta, Shelley, Julie, Kristin and Dad

Kari, Casey, Zane, Liza, Kristin, Julie and Shilo
Dad, Tommy and Jill

"Stuff I Like"

Yesterday, I went to the local library "Book Nook" sale and bought all of the books above for $13.00.  Quite a score!  I met a very nice woman there, Esther, and we had quite a lot in common.  Last night, I enjoyed reading "Chicken Soup for the TEACHERS Soul". 

I like these vitamins.  They taste good and they don't give me a belly-ache.  And, they make me feel better.  I'm just sayin'.

"Snap Guide"
Have you guys heard about Snap Guide yet?  My daughter Kari told me about it last night and I checked it out.  It is sort of like Pinterest, but the site focuses on tutorials on how to make things.  All sorts of things, from smoothies to cell phone covers to getting wax out of candles jars.  Here is the link, if you would like to check it out Snap   I just might get involved with this one, because I have so many tutorials already written.

"Eight Years"
Yesterday was our 8th Wedding Anniversary!  Wendy M., from Jollette, Etc. sent me this message:  "Traditionally it's the bronze or pottery year; modern is linen or lace. And the 8 looks like the infinity symbol -- how perfect!"

Cary brought me these roses:

 Here are a few of pictures from our wedding:

Our grandson Garrett was the ring-boy and Cary's dad, Troy, was the best man.

Kristin and Kari were my bridesmaids and my Mom was my matron of honor.  It was a fun day.  There were around 250 folks there, and we had it in a local R.V. park.  We had a potluck, swimming, a band and then karaoke.


Facebook is up to more nonsense.  Apparently, they have have assigned everybody new emails, and are posting them on our profile pages, hiding the ones that we like others to use.  They didn't tell anybody, they just did.  In addition, these new emails are not ones that just forward messages to our phones and old email addresses either.  They are able to be opened by others besides us; Facebook authorities, whoever they are.  If you want to change things back to the old way, it is easy, but you have to go into your contact info and edit it.  

They also want my phone number.  Heck, no on that one!  Who really knows who owns Facebook now anyway?  If it wasn't so convenient and if I didn't have so much fun with it, I would quit.  But, I'm just not ready to that yet.  I'll keep on dancing and dodging around their tricks the best that I can, for the time being.  Facebook privacy issues sure do keep me about you?

"Norton Anti-Virus"

Speaking of nonsense, Norton Anti-Virus really ticked me off the other day.  I would be switching tabs from Facebook to my blog, and get a pop-up that said my blog was spam and to not go there.  Now that really made me upset.  It is my blog, and it is not spam to me.  So, I called up the customer service department at Norton, and though nice, the woman said that she couldn't do anything about it herself.  She did tell me that I was up-to-date with my subscription.  She wanted to transfer me over to the people who could fix it for me, but it would cost me around $70.00   I said, no, not right now, that I was on my way out the door.  I actually was, I was going on my date with Cary.

Before we left, I tried one more thing.  I ran the free program that I had been using to scan and fix registry errors.  Then, I deleted it, just in case it was giving my computer conflicting information.  After that, I rebooted the computer and everything was fixed.  I am still not sure if Norton was trying to drum up some business for themselves, or if the other program was causing a problem.  I have had the other program on for a couple of months, and the Norton pop-up thing just began on Saturday.  Anybody know anything about this?  Because if Norton is messing with me, I don't want to do business with them any longer.

Well, this is long enough.  I hope that you all have a wonderful day!

~ Kathy M.

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Nancy Thompson said...

When FB made that change, its members were quick to put out the word with instructions to change it. Hooey on FB! As for the Norton thing, it's prbably because you had a link in your current post that had some malware connected to it in some way. That's usually why that happens to blogs. Love the wedding pics! And look at all those book!! Can't beat that!! Thanks for dropping by today!!

Linda Reeder said...

I have no idea where to start with comments. FB? I keep hearing all these complaints, but I fail to notice most of the changes. What am I missing?
Loved seeing your wedding pics. Congrats on your anniversary.
Fires in Colorado - very frightening.

Arkansas Patti said...

Happy Anniversary. You made it past the 7 year itch, you have it made:))
Those fires are just terrifying. I feel so badly for those people and it is not over yet. They and those fighting the fires have my prayers.

tony said...

You have a Beautiful Family.
Yes, Prayers for those fighting fires, I hope they stop them soon.
Have A Good Weekend Kathy.

Kathy A. Johnson said...

Fun post! Congratulations on your anniversary--your wedding looked lovely (I love your dress!). I am going to a library sale a week from Saturday, and I hope I have such good luck. And thanks for the heads up on Facebook. I try to avoid FB as much as possible, but it's almost unavoidable!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Happy anniversary. Your wedding sounded like fun. I'm praying for all those in the path of those horrible fires. Thanks for reminding us.

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