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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another Day in Paradise ...

Everything seems better in the summertime.  It must be the sun and the warmth and the fact that we can go outside and not freeze to death.

Our nature walks with the kids are certainly something to look forward too, if we can ever get a nice route figured out.  Yesterday, we got sort of lost and went too far.  (We were on a bike trail in a fancy subdivision, so we were not lost, lost, but I estimate that we walked around 3 miles.  It took a couple of hours to complete our excursion.)

We stopped for a short break and took pictures before we were all worn out.  My friend/co-worker Amy is so fun and so are the kids.  I forgot how smart that 7-year-olds are. 

Our director, Andria, (who was back making us lunch, and had to keep our fish sticks from drying out because we were 15 minutes late) wears dresses almost everyday.  The rest of us have been following her fashion trend, and I must say, skirts and dresses are very comfortable when you have a bit of a belly.  Even the little girls have upped their dress wearing.

The little boy in the blue and white shirt stopped in the middle of the bike trail and was investigating something so I went over to investigate what he had found.  It was a lizard, I thought, though Amy decided that it was really a frog who still had a bit of a tail.

Amy got over her heebie jeebies and picked it up.  She is a pretty tough cookie.  She had to perform a poopy diaper rescue in the middle of my changing it that morning, when I began throwing up.  We all think that Ms. Amy rocks.

He finally got to hold his treasure for a bit, and then we let it go.  We were kind of wanting to take it back to the classroom for a few days, but since it was Friday it just would not have have been fair to the poor lizard/frog at all.

The big girls decided that I rock too, when I showed them their own special things that I had brought for them that day.  I tried to teach them how to knit, but they decided that finger crocheting was more fun.  By the end of the day, they had gotten yards of chain accomplished.  I also brought them Little House Books (they seemed to not even have heard of the t.v. show!), embroidery thread for making friendship bracelets, Puzzle-Mania and Math-Mania books, drawing books, playing cards, and a lot of other things.  I made them each a notebook with new journal books, and they were quite pleased.  So was I.  I think that Amy was happy too, because they were keeping themselves occupied and productive.

Things are so much better at work now.  I am happy.  

To think that I almost quit, and multiple times.  The last time that I made up my mind, I had the impression that God was saying, "I put you there."  That did make me pause and think that perhaps I should see things through; what if I am supposed to be there?  Now I am glad that I stayed, and I enjoy my new friends, young and old.

Well, I hope that you guys have a great weekend.  I think that we are finally going to get the 5th wheel up at the lake this weekend.  It has been another busy week, especially for Cary.  We did have a nice spagetti dinner for Aunt Nona's birthday on Thursday evening.  She is 82 and still doing great.


Kathy M. 

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Sally said...

What a lovely nature walk you took the chldren on. They certainly seemed to enjoy it. Let's hope the nice weather stays for a while.

Anonymous said...

That was a real adventure! I enjoyed reading it. Have a nice weekend!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Sounds like you had so much fun, nobody even noticed all that exercise you were getting. That critter kinda looks like a horned toad. Cute. Cute kids, too.

Happy weekend!

Pamela said...

So enjoyed this, Kathy. I've always loved nature walks. Always something else to see and to celebrate God's beautiful world. Even tiny frog/lizards. I liked seeing it but really don't want to touch it!

Linda Reeder said...

I see someone else said your creature is a horned toad. I think so too.
I'm glad that you are happy with your work. That's important for you and for the kids.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Happy birthday to Nona! And I'm so glad that you're happy. :) As to dresses, I started wearing dresses a couple summers ago (wearing one now!) and much prefer them over shorts or capris. Dresses are super loose, comfy, and way cooler than pants of any kind. I'm in jeans from October through April, so a summertime of sundresses is a good thing. :)

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