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~ Kathy M.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Paulina Lake Bald Eagles

Cary and I were happy to finally get the 5th wheel up to Paulina Lake yesterday.  We lucked out, getting a wonderful spot right along the shore.  We got up and came home this morning so that we could go to work, and that is the beauty of being able to camp 20 minutes from home.

Though only 20 minutes away, it seems that we are in another world.  We went out on the boat yesterday afternoon, and I read as Cary fished.  There were two bald eagles having a great time, and I captured these few shots to share with you guys.

I will be taking many more pictures over the next couple of weeks, so please stop by to visit when you can.  

Have a wonderful week!

~ Kathy M.

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Bob Scotney said...

Beautiful birds. Kathy.

Sally said...

Fantastic pictures and a chance to read.

Tammy said...

Eagle watching is really a bucket list thing in my book, and those shots are amazing! Glad you had a nice weekend.

Little Nell said...

What a wonderful way to relax. Great pictures of the eagle too.

Little Nell said...

What a wonderful way to relax. Great pictures of the eagle too.

Anonymous said...

Eagles are very rare in the Netherlands. I never saw one. Lucky you! Enjoy!

Jan Newman said...

What a privilege to see these magnificent birds. I love raptors. Thanks for sharing your photos. I look forward to seeing more.

Linda Reeder said...

That is cool that you can spend your evenings/weekends camping and be close enough to just go to work.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

The eagles are beautiful! A couple months ago, for the first time in the 40+ years we've lived here, my hubby and I saw one fly over our house. We got as excited as a couple kids.

Kathy A. Johnson said...

Look at that blue sky! Glad you finally got to go camping. My husband and I would be doing just what you and Cary are doing: he'd be fishing and I'd be reading and taking pictures!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Impressive birds. My husband spotted a hawk standing on our mailbox last week. It's not a great shot because he had to take the photo with his phone, but It was a big boy!

tony said...

Poetry in The Sky! Beautiful!

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, it's so fun to see bald eagles! Gorgeous! And fun to get some pictures. the only times I've seen them, it was brief enough there was no time for that.

Pamela said...

Don't you wonder how he sits perched on the top? Seems like it would break under his weight. You take such beautiful pictures. Such an enjoyment to see.

Gloria said...

I don't even have time to see what I've missed with THE MATTHEWS! But, I know that YOU know that I love you and Cary and both of your families. I don't need to say more. xxoo

Gloria said...

p.s. I didn't mention: Great to see you have so many visitors/commenters! I didn't take the time to read the comments, but I know they are great, as YOU are a GREAT person. xxoo

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