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~ Kathy M.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Before and After: The Johnson Children of Summers, Arkansas

Good Morning!

I have posted the picture below before, of my Grandpa Delmar, his sister Mabel, and brothers George (Joe) and Carl (Kit).  It was taken in Summer's Arkansas around 1912.  Baby sister Chloe wasn't born yet.

Yesterday, my cousin Carolyn (Aunt Chloe's daughter), posted this picture on my FB page.  Grandma Sallie died in 1962.  She looks very frail here:

This picture of Grandpa makes me happy, but also sad because I miss him very much.  This is what he looked like when I was born, and he died in 1982 of lung cancer.

This picture is how I mostly remember my Grandpa Johnson.

Hope you are all well and are enjoying the last part of your summer.

~ Kathy M.

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Sally said...

It's so nice to have pictures dating that far back. It just proves that our loved ones live on in our hearts.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I LOVE old photos, and the first one you posted here is absolutely priceless. It's kinda funny. When my hubby and I wander through antique shops, I like to linger over the boxes of old photographs. My hubby doesn't understand that. As he says, "You don't KNOW those people!" Doesn't matter. The pics are amazing, especially the sepia ones. They seem to capture a moment in time better than new-fangled cameras do.

KathyB. said...

Old family pictures are bittersweet to me. They remind me of earlier times, and often the pictures are taken during happy times, times when it must have seemed so much was possible and there was hope for even more happiness. In many of our old family photos I remember the hope was dashed and lives did not turn out as expected. Therein lies the "bittersweet" part. The knowledge of how so many family members lives 'really were very hard and very tragic. It is a blessing to not know the future, and even more a blessing to be thankful for each days' many sweet moments.

It is wonderful you have so many photos to add to your family history.

forgetmenot said...

Kathy, Hope all is well. I have not had time to "visit" many blogs lately, but I'll try to do better. Always love to see those old family photos. I'm sure you enjoyed having your grandsons visit-they are handsome guys. How is your grandson that goes to TCU ? Will he be playing football this Fall? Take care, my friend. Mickie :)

Deb Gould said...

Love these photos, Kathy. I'm especially pulled by "before" and "after" shots like you've got here; I love seeing people as children and then adults...especially when they are all together and smiling as adults...clues to happiness and good lives.

BECKY said...

Hi Kathy! I'm just like Susan FS! I, too, love to look any any old photos in antique shops! I even bought one once because I not only loved the picture, but the note written on it is hilarious! I'll have to find it and post it on my blog sometime. Hugs!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

It's nice, not just that you have the photos, but that you know everything about them. I have a lot of black and white family photos, but there are many that I have no idea who everyone is. You're lucky that you have the info; cool that you share it all.

Anonymous said...

Old family photos are a treasure. Thanks for sharing!

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