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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Desert Flowerbed:

Hello, Friends!

It has been so long since I have been on my blog.  I am going to try and revive it and work it back into my schedule if I can.  I am a morning person and begin work teaching pre-school at 7:00 each day, and by the time evening hits I'm not much motivated for blogging, or even for making dinner.

I have been at my job for a year now, and it was time for a much needed vacation.  While on my little break, I had time to think and there was a lot of peace and quiet with no responsibility.  I didn't even need to worry about letting the dogs in and out.  I didn't think about work, and I realized how much I have missed my old life, where I had time and energy for writing, blogging and travel.  I had tons of story ideas that were flowing by the end of the week, so I know that though they might be buried, they are not gone.

This past week, we went to Laughlin, Nevada for a vacation/visit with my Dad and step-mom.  We had a great time, and it was fun to take some photos.  The ones below are of the flower garden at the RV park where Dad and Jill live.  We had a nice time meeting their friends and neighbors at the monthly potluck in the community room.

My sister-in-law, Maria, pictured above, was a great traveling companion, as were Cary and my bro.  

Here are some different flowering cactus located next to the pool at the RV park.  It was really warm outside the whole week, mostly in the high 90's.  I didn't mind that warmth one bit!

I'll be posting more pictures of the trip soon.  If I can spread out the posts,  maybe I can get back into the blogging groove.  

I've missed you guys, and will begin my visits with those who leave comments.


Kathy M.

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forgetmenot said...

Kathy, I have missed "chatting" with you. I too have been too busy to do much blogging this year. I'm taking care of my 19 month old granddaughter everyday which is fun but exhausting. Sounds like you are busy--being a teacher myself, I know how tiring it is to be with preschoolers all day. I just had an AM and a PM class on Tues, and Thurs. and that was just perfect - still plenty of time to do other things. Much as I enjoyed it, I'm glad now that I don't even have that responsibility. Volunteer work and grandchildren take up most of the time. Love your "desert flowerbed"--they do have some beautiful blooms. How is your grandson doing at TCU? Hope he had a good year. Take care and don't over do it!! It's easy to get too much going on sometimes and not enjoy any of it. Hugs, Mickie

Lynn said...

Beautiful photos and I'm glad you had a nice vacation!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you posting again, although I do manage to keep up with you on FB. Nice pics. I met and married my hubby in Vegas, and our first child was born there, so your pics brought back some memories. :)

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