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Friday, April 3, 2015

A-Z Challenge Day #4 - The Letter "D" is for Dinner on Frenchman Street in New Orleans, Louisiana

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Welcome!  From February 28 - March 16, my best friend husband Cary and I went on a trip.  From Eugene, we traveled to parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.  I haven't blogged about it yet, and thought that highlighting our vacation would be the perfect way to participate in this year's Blogging from A-Z Challenge.  My blog isn't always about travel, but for the next month it will mainly feature travel photos and memories of our experience.

This is my fourth time participating in A-Z.  For those of you unfamiliar with the challenge, participants post daily during the month of April, except for on Sundays.  That gives us 26 posts for the month.  It is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. We visit the blogs of others who are taking the challenge, connecting with old friends and making new friends.

So, here we go on Day #4 with the Letter "D", which in this case stands for ...

 "Dinner on Frenchman Street 
in New Orleans"

There is so much more to see in New Orleans than the French Quarter, Jackson Square and The Waterfront, but we didn't see much of it. 

When we got into town and were trying to find our hotel, I took a few photos:

Before our trip, I was researching the lay of the land in New Orleans.  I learned that the locals and the "in-the-know" tourists enjoyed hanging out at on Frenchman Street.  Frenchman Street is just a few blocks away from the French Quarter, and is a destination point for many.  It is supposed to be less commercial and more authentic than Bourbon Street.

On the Thursday that we were in New Orleans, we decided to go out to a nice dinner.  We hailed a cab and asked the driver where we should go to eat on Frenchman Street and he suggested Snug Harbor.  When we were almost there, he said that we could walk around, but to not venture off the main street, and only walk down for two blocks but not any further.  Okay ... it sounded a bit dangerous, and you better believe that we did as we were told.

The Snug Harbor building was very nice, and looked like it had recently received a new paint job.  I think that the owl next to the sign below is a security camera.  There was one at our hotel too, overlooking the pool.

It was still early, and the place was not busy.  We were promptly seated and served our drinks. 

Cary wanted a steak, but didn't have his reading glasses, so I read him what they were offering.  He decided on a Filet Mignon but, I didn't tell him how much it cost. 

While eating it, he said, "This is the best steak that I have ever had in my life!"  Then he about died when the bill arrived and he found out that it cost $34.75.  I didn't feel bad.

I ordered deep fried oysters.  They were delicious, and only cost $19.75.  I finished them, but didn't even touch my potato I took that back to the room for later.

There were only two other tables in the dining room when we arrived.  One was a table of four and the other a table of five.  They were all getting ready to leave on a two-week cruise in the morning.

The ladies with the toilet paper headbands were so funny.  They had met on another cruise, in the bathroom, and became best travel friends.  Their husbands were with them, but they were kind of quiet, compared to their wives.

We had met two of the women earlier in the day, when were were drinking an ice tea at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.  The woman in the brown hair started talking to us, and she and her ex-husband used to own property in La Pine (where we live) before they divorced.  She lives in Brookings, Oregon now.  As always, it is a small world.

After we were done eating and Cary recovered from the cost of the  nearly $90 dinner, we walked across the street to listen to some music.

Miss Sophie Lee and her band were playing.  Oh, the music and her voice were so very wonderful!

They were just finishing up a set, so we only got to hear a few songs.  Then Miss Sophie Lee asked me if I wanted to buy a CD, and I did.  I am really enjoying it. Cary said, how much did that cost?  I said, $15.00  He said, $15.00!  I said, "If you can spend $34.75 on a steak, I can spend $15.00 on a CD."  Just sayin'.

We took a cab back to our hotel, and that was the end of our little date on Frenchman Street.


“Born and raised in the Chicago area, Miss Sophie Lee moved to New Orleans in 2001 in search of its rich musical and culinary culture.  She quickly found Frenchman Street and the New Orleans Jazz Vipers who along with Bart Ramsey, collaborated with her on her first New Orleans self-titled CD in 2006. 

In the Summer and Fall of 2009, Sophie, Bart and members of The Jazz Vipers (now called The New Orleans Cottonmouth Kings) collaborated again for another Miss Sophie Lee CD, “Tallulah Moon”.  This time around there were joined by a stellar group of New Orleans musicians including “Washboard” Chaz Leary, St. Louis Slim, Andy J. Forest, Bruce Brackman, Charlie Fardella, Robert Snow, John Rodli, Matt Rhody, Matt Johnson, Matt Bell, Tommy Sciple and Glen David Andrews. 

“Tallulah Moon”, named for Miss Sophie Lee’s grandmother’s hometown in Louisiana and Ms. Sophie’s mother, Moon Ja, features nine standards and one original tune, the title trackt, “Tallulah Moon”, written by Miss Sophie Lee.

In August 2010 Miss Sophie Lee opened Three Muses, a popular restaurant / jazz club on Frenchmen St. in New Orleans.

In February 2013, Miss Sophie Lee released her 3rd Album titled, "Love Street Lullaby" with her long-time collaborators, Bart Ramsey on Piano; Matt Johnson-Guitar; Tommy Sciple-Bass and Dave Boswell- Trumpet. It features 3 Original Tracks and 8 Jazz and Pop Standards."

Thanks so much for your visit!

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Have a super day!

 ~ Kathy M. 

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Sundari Venkatraman said...

Loved your pictures :)

Wendy said...

So glad you went to Frenchman's St. Barry and I spent most of our evenings there. We didn't eat at Snug Harbor but we did go for the show. We also went to the Spotted Cat and another place, shoot, can't remember all the clubs. Anyway, it was fun there.

Pamela said...

What a fun place to eat. We, too, would have had the steak, but we would have split the meal. Age has changed how much we can eat. My parents took us to so many ethnic and unique restaurants. When we tried something new (like grape jelly on hamburgers at a Swedish meal) they called them eating experiences. I've never had fried oysters so I may have had an eating experience. Ha!

Kathy A. Johnson said...

New Orleans is one of my favorite places, and I've heard of the Spotted Cat. I want to go back to NOLA for many reasons, but one is that I haven't taken in any of the music scene other than some of the street artists. Sounds like you had a really special (though expensive) adventure!

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