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Friday, February 6, 2009

Casey's Award Ceremony

On Monday evening, when we were having dinner with Jerry, Linda and Jan, Kari called and invited us to Casey's award ceremony at 1:50 the following day. He was getting an award for empathy. I said that we would do our best to make it. I am so happy that we did.

We scooped up spiffy looking Uncle Nigel on the way, and took him out to lunch. He has been looking for a job and working out while he is awaiting July to arrive so that he can leave for basic training. Nigel chose a hamburger.

Then we drove to Casey's school. I loved the school itself; old and full of good vibes. This is the last year it will be there though; they are building a new school right behind it as we speak. The old one will be torn down. That makes me kind of sad. Oh, well.

Grandma Jody was already there, saving spots.
She usually is early.
Cary and I like to be early too, as a rule.

We count up who is coming and claim a whole row of chairs. Cary holds down the fort at one end, and we use our purses and
coats to claim the other chairs.

Next, Gary (Casey's dad) arrives and holds down the fort at the other end.

Then, Papa Rick and Kari show up.
Papa Rick drove over from Gilchrist.
Kari got off from work early.

Uncle Nigel, Kari and Papa Rick.

Oh, here comes Casey! (He's the one waving.)
His face lit up when he saw us all sitting there.

Oh, my gosh! Even Aunt Sissy got off
work early to see Casey get his award. Hi, Kristin!

Our hero accepts his certificate for empathy.

Casey and Papa Rick talk to Uncle Nigel.

Gary gives his son a great big hug.

Grandpa Cary and Uncle Nigel look on.

Papa Rick hugs Aunt Sissy while Kari and Nigel watch.

I can't really explain how nice it was to get a big hit of family love right in the middle of the day ... I might take it more for granted if I lived closer, but it sure felt nice to have my new husband there with my other family and my mom all lined up in a row to watch our mutual guy get awarded for being empathic. It makes me happy to have the family that I do.

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