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Saturday, October 15, 2011

New: Pay It Forward!

Well, heck!  I made this whole post without realizing that I was a day late in signing up!  Oh well.  This is still worth it.  I just won't bother with my putting my follower widget back on.  Please feel free to visit and follow the Pay It Forward link to see blogs that others enjoy.

 Source: Pay It Forward Blogfest

The same people who brought us the "A-Z Challenge" have organized "Pay It Forward", a blogfest where we highlight some of our favorite blogs that others may not know about.  Or, you can include those blogs that are famous but who new bloggers may not know about yet.  I'm doing a combo of those two groups.  After you are done with your post of features, then you link up to the "Pay It Forward" homepage so that others can learn about your blog.  And then follow, follow, follow.  Easy peasy! 

It is hard to choose and to not make somebody feel slighted.  I read the blogs all the time on the top of my sidebar, because they are active posters and have shown an interest in me and my blog.  So, please check them out when you get a chance.  I have featured many of them over the past few years, so I will highlight these peeps below for now:

The Bloggess.  Jenny is famous, and so funny.  She has no idea that I exist, though she is friends with my sister Julie (Chubby Mommy Running Club).  Jenny's posts are peppered with the "F" word for emphasis, just in case that type of thing throws you off.  Jenny lives in Texas with her husband and little girl.   Check out Julie's entertaining and informative blog too, on keeping fit in a fun and social arena.

The New Sixty is written by my friend Arkansas Patti, a newer transplant from Florida to, yes, Arkansas.  Patti gives us several awesome essays each week. based on her own experiences.  She is an excellent writer, and is funny and though provoking.  Plus, she answers everybody who leaves a comment, which is so nice.

Grace, over at Liberal Sprinkles, searches the internet for the most fascinating things to be found.  Videos, books, art, ... whatever catches her fancy.  

Deb, over at What's In My Attic is new to me.  I love her blog, it sort of reminds me of mine.  It is a must see.  Her photography is beautiful, and her insights are great.  Deb shows us around her pretty town.

Sepia Saturday is one of my favorite weekly memes.  Alan Burnett gives us an old photo as a writing prompt, and we can choose the same theme or make up our own.  I am getting a lot of my family history written and organized since I have joined this group.

These are just a few of my favorites, and I hope that you will visit them as time permits.  Now I'll post my followers widget again where it is easy to see. It bugs me, that thing, and I pulled it a long time ago.  It seems that I would get three or four followers and then somebody will drop me. Today, I am at an even 100.  There have been some sweet souls who have followed me lately by signing up on the top of my toolbar, which makes me happy.  Thanks, you guys, for going out of your way.

To join this Play It Forward Blogfest, please "CLICK HERE".

Have fun, and I hope that you meet a lot of new people!

~ Kathy M.

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HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Fun and very clever thing to do!!!

Hope your week last week treated you well and you're enjoying the first hours of the weekend. Happy Saturday to you.

THE RAVEN-and its shadow

Arkansas Patti said...

Why thank you kindly Kathy for the lovely shout out. I all ready visit Deb but will check out the others.

Melissa Bradley said...

These are great blogs you've featured. I'm o my way to check them out. :)

Arlee Bird said...

Checked out all of your recommendations. What a treasure trove!

Tossing It Out
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So You Want to be a Writer?

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Thanks, you guys, I'm glad that you enjoyed this post and the featured blogs. Have a great week,

Kathy M.

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