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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A White Christmas:

It was an odd Christmas this year for me.  We did have snow, and lots of it.  These snow photos were taken on Christmas Eve day.

Dana and Sasha (my MIL's little dog) don't mind it so much, if they only have to go out for a quick tinkle.

Whoa!  That back door needs to be hosed off as soon as spring hits.

We are sure going to miss Sasha. She will be going home today, because her Mama is coming home from the nursing home! 

Here are some pictures of the front yard.  The big hill behind the chairs is where the Bobcat dumps the extra snow from our sidewalk.  Still, look on the round table for how much snow there was and still is

We had a series of winter storms that made us decide that it would be unsafe to travel over the pass to celebrate Christmas with my family on Sunday.  That made me kind of sad, but I figured that we wouldn't be doing anybody any good if we got into an accident at this point in time.

On Christmas Day, I opted out on the drive to Redmond and visit with my MIL.  Cary went and spent the most of the day with her though.  Instead, I stayed home, finished wrapping the gifts that go to Eugene, cleaned the house and made us a ham dinner.  It was so nice to just stay put and take care of us.

This is what it still looks like!  I don't know how long that we will have the tree up now.  I am hoping that we can get to Eugene soon.  I feel as if I just finally got things up, and I'm not too excited about taking everything back down.

Dana and Sasha like it best when we are home with them.  Dana has just gotten used to Sasha, and seems to enjoy her company.  I am afraid that she will be lonely again, without another dog.  Before Sasha came to visit, I was thinking about getting a poodle mix, and that is what she is.  I hope that we will find a perfect match for us sometime soon.  We have always had big dogs, but from here on out, I think that we will be getting little ones. 

Dana looks pretty big here, doesn't she? 

So, this was our Christmas.  Not much different than any other day this year.  We didn't go to church.  We didn't have a family gathering with either side of the family.  But, we have each other, a nice warm home, cell phones and Facebook ... and that all made things a bit easier.

Today, we bring Darlene back home, and our long trips back and forth to Redmond will be over with.  With the snow, it is an hour drive each way.  We will be so happy to have her back home, next door, and know that she will be too.  

Well, we have a busy day ahead, and so I had better get off of here and get ready to rock and roll.  I am sorry that I am so behind on my blog visiting.  I hope to get back into the groove again soon.  Thank you for all of your nice comments and Christmas wishes.

Happy New Year, my friends.

~ Kathy M.

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Linda Reeder said...

Your house looks so festive! And cozy. Enjoy it for as long as you want. There are at least 12 days of Christmas.
I'm not ready to put Christmas away here either, even though we started decorating right after Thanksgiving. January gets so bleak without the color and the sparkle of Christmas.

Kathy A. Johnson said...

Beautiful snow, but lots of it. I think you made the right choice not to drive through it. Your home looks lovely and festive, and I know you'll enjoy it while you leave it decorated. Great news, too, that your MIL is home. Big relief for all.

Hope you have a happy New Year!

BECKY said...

Oh.....just Perfect!! White Christmas...and a beautiful tree and gift. Very welcoming! Thanks for sharing, Kathy!

Deb Gould said...

Your house looks wonderfully cozy and Christmassy. I love the stockings hanging off the chairbacks; isn't it amazing that Santa can find a way inside even without a chimney?

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