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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another nice day ....

Yesterday was really nice. I worked in the yard, pulling weeds and getting the patio organized. I brought out the planters, getting them ready to fill with flowers. Cary came home around 1:30 and I made up some pan fried oysters and started a soup in the crock pot. The Yankee game came on TV and I was paying enough attention to see my Johnny Damon hit a home run ... yeah, Johnny, you go! You are so cute.

Later on, Cary suggested that we take the dogs on a walk in the gravel pit. That was so much fun. Nobody there but us, no machinery making noise. We let Dana go free and she did really well about coming when we called. I was to afraid to do that with Sonny, so he was on a long lead. They loved the water in the ponds. Neither one really swim; Dana splashes around and Sonny lays down to get his tummy wet. I have never seen a lab that doesn't swim before.

Cary took a bunch of pictures, and we walked around the land, enjoying our little family. After we got home, we were watching a comedy show that was 20 years old, with a young Dennis Miller hosting and a young David Spade being featured. After that, HBO had a Dana Carvey special. That guy is amazing with all of his imitations and how he goes back and forth between himself and everybody his is imitating.

I felt like I accomplished a lot today, including some relaxing in the sun and reading my book. Another nice day.

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