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Monday, June 8, 2009

Another nice weekend with family and friends......

This was another nice weekend for us. On Friday, my Dad had to go into the hospital for some tests, and everything came back in the "all-clear!". Thank you for that! My sister, my step-mom and my step-aunt and I had lots of time to visit. Julie and I had fun joking around with Dad while they were getting him ready to go home...quality time in the hospital. In addition, my brother and sister-in-law were in town, so Cary and Mitch got to visit, and I visited with Maria when I got home. That was fun to see them.

Dad in the waiting room.

Jill and Julie.

On Saturday, I woke up and got to work on my Central Oregon website. I spent about 5 hours doing research and adding many links to it. Take a look if this is something you are interested in ... there is a lot of information. I'll keep working on it. It was kind of hard figuring out what to include. I ended up starting at Suttle Lake and going to Warm Springs, and then from Bend to Chemult. I am also including information about Crater Lake, since it is such a worldwide point of interest.

Central Oregon:

Cary worked in the yard on Saturday and we went to lunch. We watched baseball, and the Mariners won. Yeah!

Yesterday, we got up and went shopping for our BBQ. Kari and Casey came over to spend the day with us. They brought their new dog, Boomer, who really is a great dog. (I never did get a picture of him.) They stayed for dinner too.

We visited and watched the Mariners, who listened to my advice and had Jamie Burke catching again. And, Jamie got a HOME RUN and a base hit yesterday! Yeah! Great job, Jamie! And, the Mariners won again. And, they must be reading my blog.

We were also watching the Red Sox, and Jacoby Ellsbury made a great catch, but hurt his arm while doing that and had to come out of the game. We hope it is not something serious, Jacoby. Get well soon. To add insult to injury, the Red Sox lost.

Best Friend Husband, Cary.

Sweet Daughter, Kari.

Silly Handsome Grandson, Casey.

At around 5:00, our friends Cheryl, Rusty, Judy and Brenda came over for dinner. We had so much fun visiting with all of them. Cheryl brought potato salad, Judy and Brenda brought macaroni salad and cupcakes, and we had BBQ steak, fruit salad, green beans, baked potatoes, rolls, chips and dips and vegi's and dips. Yummy! I forgot about getting pictures when I got busy with the guests, sorry.

It was just a pleasant weekend, and I am happy.

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