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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Art for the Average Kid:

Mrs. Brown's Art Class Link:

I am thinking about doing something fun this school year. Apparently, my friend Little Missy has a really neat 2nd grade teacher this year, and I am considering the possibility of volunteering in her classroom. Do you hear that, April? I was thinking that we could both volunteer on the same day, if the teacher says yes, and teach art. Not crafts, but art. Art is kind of like uses that part of your brain; it makes you think and plan things out. It is creative. It is expressive. It is about the process, not the end result.

Me, an artist? I can't draw, but I do enjoy art. I took a class on
Art for Elementary School Teachers, and wrote a curriculum as part of the course. I have two books written by Bend's Sandy Brooke on teaching art to kids, Hooked on Drawing! and Hooked on Painting! Also, there are websites such as the one above by Mrs. Brown that I can use to figure out projects.

I think that art is one thing that goes out the w
indow when the funds at school dwindle, but that it is so important. I don't know, maybe this cool teacher already uses a lot of art in her curriculum. I'll have to find out. I've been thinking how the kids who are natural artists start early, and figure out a way to learn more. It is in their blood. It happens that Little Missy is one of those type of kids, lucky her! However, I feel that it is important for all kids to be exposed to art, and they should be given the opportunity to express themselves artistically. Art for the Average Kid ... that is going to be the name of my new project.

I'll see what I can do, and I will keep you posted.
(I just wish that I lived closer to my grandson Casey, so that I could volunteer in his classroom too, but we try and do art when he comes to visit.)


Anonymous said...

sounds good to me april

Anonymous said...

Then it's deal. Let's get started!

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