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Friday, September 18, 2009

Goodbye, David Rodakowski....

  Our friend Dave died on September 15th, and we will miss his smile, his stories and his gentle spirit. Dave was a musician, photographer and construction worker. Dave was 59 years old. He worked for us a few years back, driving in every day with that little red pickup. We are still waiting to hear when his memorial service will be held. Thanks for being a friend to us and to many others in the La Pine and Springfield communities, Dave. 

Dave Rodakowski with our friend Lisa Clarke

(Photos courtesty of Debb Raver's Facebook page.)

Please click here to go to the post 
about Dave's memorial service:
David Rodakowski's Memorial Service

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Debb Raver said...

Hey Kathy, I just wanted to add that David was also an excellent cook!! :) Thanks for remembering him on your page, glad you could use the pics. He will definitely be missed. Debb

Anonymous said...

Hi Debb, thanks for the pictures.

Anybody who wants to can leave a memory or comment about David "Rhody" Rodakowski here if they want to. I'll post more when we know about the memorial service. He has already been creamated.

~ Kathy

Anonymous said...

My name is Teri and I live in Springfield. I've known Dave and his family since I was a small girl. Went to school with both David and Tommy Rodakowski.Made money every summer with my brother and sister at the Rodakowski farm, picking beans! That's where all of us became really good friends.
I always admired David as a musician/drummer. He knew this and when I became a drummer, he stopped by my house, and handed me a gift! I unwrapped the "coolest" gift ever! It was a "model" mini-drum set. Like an airplane model you would put together.(I still have it!)
I had to tell you all this because it was one of the most memoriable moments in my life! At that time David was a pretty "big deal" in this area, and for him to do this for me, proved to me what a kind, generous guy he really was!
I never told him how much that one little gift mean't to me, so...thank you David.
All the friends you made here in the Eugene/ Springfield area and myself are so sad you are gone. We loved you David! May you rest in peace my friend.
Miss Teri Craddock/Carter

Kathy at Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy Welcomes You! said...

Teri, thank you so much for sharing your story. We will read it tomorrow at the service. I'm sure Tommy will really appreciate it.

Take care,


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