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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #150 - The Alamo, San Antonio Texas

Welcome!  This is a Shadow Shot Sunday post.  Even though  Alamo does indeed begin with the letter "A" ... this one isn't part of the A-Z Challenge.  The following two posts (below) are though, so please scroll down to find them when you are done with this one.  I am using A-Z to show of some of my favorite posts, and there is a lot of info on them, so don't miss out!

The week before last, I posted a shadow shot of The Alamo, and folks seemed to enjoy it.  So, I am going to expand on that theme and am posting a series of photos that I also took while we were there.  Not all of the following photos have shadows in them, but all of them are pretty, I think.  Enjoy!

The Alamo 

The weather was still cool, but it was a nice sunny morning with blue skies, and thank, goodness, the wind had ceased.  

Cary and I walked over to the Alamo, a mere block away.  The Alamo was an interesting set up.  It is a shrine run by The Daughters of the Republic of Texas.  It does not cost money to view it, but donations are accepted.  No photos are allowed inside any of the buildings, and you have to remove your hats.  There is the main building, a church, where the battle was fought.  There are also with outbuildings. One building contains the gift shop and a display of artifacts.   There is also a long barracks building that is more of a museum, full of information and displays.  There is also a historical library on site.  

The Alamo was a mission and a fort, where a small group of soldiers and frontiersmen, including Davy Crockett, came under siege and fought off a large attack to "save the Alamo".  For more information, go to this website to start: 

Kathy Matthews, January 2010
Best Friends in Texas

Kathy Matthews, January 2010
 The church where the battle was fought.

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

 Plaque describing the victory of the Alamo

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

 The Long Barrack Wall Museum

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

 Alamo Monument

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

 Building where the gift shop is.

Kathy Matthews, January 2010
  Here comes my sweetie!

Kathy Matthews, January 2010
 The back of the church.

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

Kathy Matthews, January 2010
 Alamo time line display.

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

Kathy Matthews, January 2010
Kathy Matthews, January 2010

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

Kathy Matthews, January 2010
 The well.

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

Kathy Matthews, January 2010

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Miss Becky said...

WOW. you've given up a visual smorgasbord this morning. what wonderful images. there are so many fabulous shots here and lovely shadows. I love these and all the blue sky too. happy SSS!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Your pictures of the Alamo are great, Kathy! I've been there (of course -- I'm a Texan by birth - it's required) but it was half a lifetime ago; thanks for the memories.

Donnie said...

You really took some great photos.

Anonymous said...

When we visited the Alamo some years ago, we were surprised to find it in the middle of the city - I guess we thought it would look like the film!!

Sylvia K said...

I, too, was born in Texas and taught school in San Antonio, so these all look very familiar! Terrific captures and shadows for the day! Enjoy your weekend!


Crafty Gardener said...

awesome set of photos, love the tree and well ones

forgetmenot said...

Oh my gosh Kathy! It looks like you took this shots right off of my camera. We were there last week for the basketball game (disasterous for KU), and of course visited the Alamo. When did you take these--mine have people milling around all over the place. Great shots. Mickie

Hey Harriet said...

What an amazing place and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos of your visit! Have a super week ahead :)

Shannon Lawrence said...

I'm in love with the tree shots (I'm a sucker for awesome trees)! Good luck with the rest of the A to Z Challenge!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

mumbling to myself under my breath "I WILL NOT show Bud these photos, I will not show Bud these photos...." He LOVES visiting the Alamo. [In the back 'yard' of the area, did you happen to see the huge live poinsettia plant? {Tree actually}?

Monarch Butterfly Link

Happy Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Great photos.
Very interesting. Another place I should go when I am visiting my sister in Kerrville.

Cathy said...

Beautiful! Those old oak trees are marvelous! Imagine how many people have climbed, played, and sat on those branches through the years!

Ms. Burrito said...

So pretty!

Would you please drop by and see my shadows? Would love to see you!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

You were at this historic landmark on a bright day and captured some wonderful shadows!


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