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Thursday, April 14, 2011

SkyWatch Friday: Storm Clouds From Last Summer

Kathy Matthews, La Pine OR, Summer 2010

Kathy Matthews, La Pine OR, Summer 2010

Kathy Matthews, La Pine OR, Summer 2010

Kathy Matthews, La Pine OR, Summer 2010

Kathy Matthews, La Pine OR, Summer 2010

Kathy Matthews, La Pine OR, Summer 2010

Kathy Matthews, La Pine OR, Summer 2010

Kathy Matthews, La Pine OR, Summer 2010

Kathy Matthews, La Pine OR, Summer 2010

This is a SkyWatch Friday post.  Please CLICK HERE to see many more beautiful sky shots from around the world!

If you miss a day, you miss a lot!  Don't miss out on the news ... Please click here to go to my home page and see what is happening in Mayberry today.


Lesa said...

beautiful! I love watching storms build up-- as long as there are no tornados!

Pamela said...

You take the most amazing pictures. Beautiful blue. We've sure had some storms already this spring. The lightning hit a pole near my daughters house, sounding like it hit their home. Split the pole but no damage except for the electricity in their home.

Enjoyed the VW memories, too.


Sylvia K said...

Love those beautiful stormy skies! What wonderful captures for the day, Kathy! I always love to watch clouds like that build in a blue sky -- the best of both! Have a great weekend!


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Beautiful, as always!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Those tall trees force my eyes right up to the sky!


Hey, my little pretty,
Sing a sky ditty,
Sing about the stars and the sun.

Hey, my little pretty,
Sing a night ditty,
Sing it when the day is all done.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Billowing Clouds, Red Barn

Arkansas Patti said...

Nice progression shots of a storm building on a sunny day.

forgetmenot said...

Great shots of those clouds--really nice. I thought spring was here but apparently I was wrong. It has snowed 3 inches in Goodland, and we are going to have 50 mile an hour winds in Wichita tomorrow--ahhh, Kansas. Hope your weather is a little better. Mickie :)

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Thank you, everybody!

Lesa - thanks. I know; luckily we don't get them here hardly ever, but we have family and friends in Kansas and they really worry me. Lots are supposed to happen there today (Fri.)

Pamela - thank you for the compliments. I'm glad that it didn't hit your daughter's HOUSE, and that they are all okay. Scary.

Sylvia - Thank you! I can't wait to see your SkyWatch photos! Clouds fascinate me ... we are up high here; 4200' and we get to see them up close.

Lisa - thank you, my faithful cheerleader.

MMT - hey, thanks! And, thanks for the little ditty too. I'll be by to visit soon.

Patti - we had taken a drive with Cary's mom and could see it taking place from all over the place that day.

Mickie - thank you, I'm glad you like them. Please BE CAREFUL today, I'm watching the news and it looks pretty bad for you guys. I'll be praying for you and all of my friends and family in the path of the storm. <3

DrillerAA09 said...

Very nice photo set. Often times the best skies are those just before the storm rolls in. Well done.

Lynn said...

Love the clouds, beautiful!

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