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Monday, March 26, 2012

Celebrating the Positive: Shout-Outs to My Facebook Friends

I love to celebrate those who are doing good things with their lives and who are living their dreams. I love to give shout-outs to other bloggers, and today I thought that I would celebrate the accomplishments of a few of my Facebook friends. I went to high school with all of these peeps, except for Debb, who lives in Mayberry with me.  Though I may not have seen some of them for a long time, it is nice to know that they are just a click away. This is a long post, but I hope that you enjoy the introduction to these special people.

Dave Imus 
"The Essential Geography 
of the United States"

Source:  The Essential Geography of the United States of America

Dave Imus, a friend of mine since junior high, co-worker at my first job, and one who sang at my first wedding, has worked extremely hard for his success and has created the very best map of the United States.  The very best!  He beat out National Geographic and the other big name companies.  You can read all about it here, David Imus "The Essential Geography of The United States of America"

This article by columnist Bob Welch at the Register Guard is a must read about how hard Dave worked to get to where he is today, just "CLICK HERE".

You can like his page on Facebook and/or purchase a map for yourself.  They only cost $39.95 (plus shipping and handling), and I am so looking forward for mine to get here.  Here is the link to the Imus Geographic Website.

Way to go, Dave, I sure am proud of you!  

Dave Imus is being interviewed by another high school and Facebook friend of mine, Dave Leonning in the You Tube video below:

"Joe Pishioneri Runs for Oregon House"

"There can be barriers removed and environment created to promote new businesses,  but also encourage current businesses to expand, which will greatly enhance our sustainable jobs."

Source:  Joe's Facebook Page

Another friend from high school, Joe Pishioneri, is a Lane County Sheriffs Deputy and also a long-time Springfield City Councilman.  Last week, Joe has announced that he will be running for Oregon House District 12.  Joe is running unopposed on the Republican ticket, and I certainly wish him the best as he runs for this office.  He has consistently proven to accomplish great things for the community, and for those who live in the state of Oregon.  Best of luck to you, Joe!

Rebel, Debb and Rob

"Baked to order low cal, low fat, gluten and preservative free treats to help your best friend keep that 'canine waistline'. "

"Debb's Doggie De-Lites are made with rice flour to avoid wheat allergies."

"My produce is purchased from local farmers (no more than 125 miles from me) and is used fresh in season or frozen fresh to be used out of season."

"Treats are baked fresh when you order and shipped same or next day depending on the time and quantity of your order."

"Taylors Crossing"

I have been friends with Leon Taylor since 10th grade, and we reconnected a couple of years ago on Facebook.  I am also friends with his super cool wife, Kimberly, and am so proud of what they are accomplishing in their marriage, their family and with their music.

"Taylors Crossing is a country rock duo husband/wife team formed in 2006. They are backed by drummer Rick Spencer and bass player Rich Lee. 

This dynamic country rock duo has played in groups and solo for years before their introduction in 2004 which lead to their marriage in 2008. Kimberly Taylor's (lead singer) need for a band and the willingness of then group, "Steppin' Out" to accompany her for a County Fair show, began their journey. Since that time, they have become the official backup band of the Texaco Country Showdown. Their talent and popularity with Nashville's SPI management team has them on their 4th year backing up performers working their way to the Ryman stage in Nashville. The venues hosting the Showdown enjoy the show Taylors Crossing performs during the competition which is what keeps them coming back each year. Apart from their time working with SPI each summer, Taylors Crossing performs at outdoor concerts, fairs, festivals and concert venues. During the off season you may even find them in local clubs entertaining the fans who have supported them throughout the years.

Leon (Lead Guitar, Vocals) and Kimberly Taylor also have done solo studio work. Leon's guitar can be heard on CD's and demo's from Blues, Country and Rock singers throughout the area. Kimberly has two CD's she released prior to her time with Taylors Crossing. Both members of the duo, write their own music. Some of it is played at their shows while others are written for TV, movies and other recording artists. Both are members of Nashville Songwriters Association, Country Music Association and BMI.

Their achievements are only a picture of what got them where they are today, but the talent and success of this duo is only understood through their music and performances. To listen to some of Taylors Crossing original songs, please CLICK HERE."

Kimberly has two earlier albums under the name Shannon Reigns.  Here are links to them; CD's begin at only $9.00.

 Country ~ "A Place in my Heart"

Christian ~ "Moving On, Lettin' Go"

"The Dick Danger Band"

Source:  The Dick Danger Band's Facebook Page

Previously, I did a shout out to Kevin Angvick and his band, The Dick Danger Band from Eugene, Oregon.  To read that post and see a bunch more pictures, please "CLICK HERE".

So, there you go.  I know that this was a very long post, so thanks for hanging in there.  But if you need to buy a map, know who to vote for in Oregon, need doggie treats, or are looking for music and want to dance, you are now set. 

Have a wonderful week, everybody! 

~ Kathy M.

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we three dogs and me said...

New follower. I am learning some very interesting history.Hope you will list me and visit.

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, great stuff for all of your friends! I particularly love that doggie treat stuff. We have started making our own food because our dog got pancreatitis with the Iams (which theoretically ought to be good). So the idea of healthy treats is great--chemical and filler free...

I wish all of them the best in their pursuits!

Kim, USA said...

Wow beating Georgraphic is fantastic enough. Your friend's are doing a good job, kudos to them! And the dogie treat can't beat that as well ^_^

Grammy Goodwill said...

Loved all the info ~ even if I will probably never use it! Friends are wonderful.

Arkansas Patti said...

Goodness, your school has some pretty impressive alumni. How nice that you keep in touch.

Mama Zen said...

What a neat post!

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