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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dang.  62 posts in April and this is only #20 for May.  I was on a roll in April with A-Z, and that made me just want to keep posting!  Got the wind taken out of my sails last week, but I'm feeling better about things and am getting back on an even keel.  Thank you for checking in ... at the very least I will have some neat pictures coming up soon when we get up to the lake, and I'll get something simple posted for Sepia Saturday this week.


Kathy M.

Hey, things are looking up!  Thanks to  Jessica at "Breathings" for becoming my newest follower.  And thanks to all of my sweet blogging friends who are leaving me the nicest comments.


Gloria said...

WOW! I haven't been blogging, haven't even emailed you lately, and I see this 'teeny' post!!! WHY did you get the wind out of your sails last week??? If I am being bad in not blogging (I haven't even been faithful to my own blog in a month!!) then you should have emailed me, Miss Kathy! Shame on you! Well, I DO apologize to you, that I don't know WHY the wind was taken out of your sails last week. I will investigate your earlier post...
Love you and please forgive me for not visiting sooner...

Jessica L. Foster said...

Twenty is still an awesome number of posts. The A-Z challenge was perfect for getting me excited for blogging too.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Now remember - just do what you can do and don't beat yourself up over things that you leave unfinished. (I'm trying to tell myself that, too, you know.)

Linda Reeder said...

Like life, blogging is not a race, it's a journey. One post a day, or every other day, is more than enough. Many of us are slowing down to several posts a week. Do what feels good.

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