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Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Hello Friends!

It is so nice that we are getting a beautiful spring this year in Mayberry.  Last year we really didn't get one; it seemed as if it was winter and then summer with no in-between. 

Things have gotten very busy all of a sudden.  I am at work everyday now, and seem to have many other things on my schedule, like it or not.  This means less time blogging, but I'll do my best to keep checking in and posting when I can. 

Today I need to transfer stuff from the old trailer into the new one, as the buyer would like to have the old one by this weekend.  I don't even have any boxes.

I have assigned myself to make 3 kids t.v. blankets and one baby blanket, and bought the fabric at Walmart on Wednesday.  I'm going to a baby shower on Sunday for our great-nephew J.C., due in June.  My friends Jack and Lisa are adopting three kids in June, and there is a shower for them this weekend, but I won't be able to go to that one. 

J.C. gets the fish and E. gets the butterflies.

T. gets the Superman and D. gets The Green Lantern.

My friends Leon and Kimberly of "Taylor's Crossing" are in the finals tonight in Portland for the best band in the Northwest, but we won't be able to attend the event, though we would like to.  Best of luck, you guys!

There are other things going on in the background where our support is needed, and that is what is draining me and giving me stomachaches.  Things that remind me of the book and movie "Where the Heart Is".  I can find energy for the fun stuff, but it is much harder to find energy for the negative.  Oh well, such is life  and it is what it is.

Hope that you all have a wonderful spring weekend.  Take care and God bless, 

Kathy M.

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Kathy A. Johnson said...

Sounds like you have a busy time in front of you. Enjoy what you can, be good to yourself, and know that your caring is appreciated and returned. (Thanks for your visits and comments at my blog :))

P.S. I miss Johnny Damon! But I see in the paper he got another hit last night and moved ahead on the all-time hits list.

Nancy Thompson said...

You're right! The PNW hasn't had a decent spring for a long time, it seems. I've enjoyed the last 5 weeks of warmer, sunnier weather here in Seattle. A minor miracle!! Your pictures remind me of my mother's backyard in Eagle Crest (Redmond) where she has a plethora of wind chimes and birdhouses.

Linda Reeder said...

It has been a lovely spring this year. And yes, stuff piles up and suddenly there are too many projects to juggle all at once. I hope whatever is creating the negative energy will be resolved and the worrying will subside. But them there will always be something else to worry about. At least I am very good at finding new worries.

Arkansas Patti said...

You do have a busy schedule. Don't forget to schedule some Kathy time in there somewhere.
Those pictures would make great note cards.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Thanks, friends. I got the stuff out of the other trailer, but I have my work cut out for me and am just not into it. I might not even worry about getting the blanket made yet. This isn't my best weekend.


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