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Monday, October 6, 2014

It Was a Busy Week!

I did get a lot of things accomplished last week, and I feel good about it.

I had taken 522 McKenzie River trip pictures, edited them and posted 9 albums on FB.  I posted three blog posts showing off some of that beautiful area, Belknap Bridge, Jim's Garden and Hiking Proxy Falls, (just scroll down to find those).  I will continue to post more from that trip in the near future, plus I still have some more pictures of the Columbia Gorge and Maryhill Museum to put on here someday.

I keep working on organizing our house.  The office was the last frontier, and when you see my before and after pictures you will know that I am not exaggerating.  So, last Monday, that is what I did for a couple of hours.  I really didn't feel like it, but I made myself get started.

Our computer faces the corner, and I just ignored what was behind me.  I think that it must have been since Christmas since I had cleaned up in here.  But, I really am going to get started on my books, and I need things to be cleaned and organized.

Here is the after.  It isn't all done, but it is functional and I know where everything is now.  For the most part.

On Tuesday, I went to our niece Beverly's daycare, looked around and took some pictures.  She sent me home with information, and I got started on making her a website.  I used Blogger, because it is free and because I know how.  Plus, she isn't selling anything online.  I think that it turned out pretty well.  Here is the link, if you want to take a look:  Cub Corner Learning Center, Inc.

The next morning, Wednesday, I set-up a Facebook page for her business.  So far, she has already gotten a family of three off of it!  You will have to search it for yourself on Facebook, because my link lead to Cary's homepage and I don't know how to outsmart it.

Thursday I took time off from helping Bev, but I was back on it Friday.  I spent 6 hours helping her organize her preschool room.  It turned out so nice!  She sent me these pictures after I left, after she had fine-tuned everything.

I was exhausted by the time I went to the store after I left. and made it home.  I was feeling good about being a help, and was laying on the couch reading my book and drinking a glass of wine.  I looked up, and found this on our kitchen ceiling:

A thank you from God!  I told him that he was very welcome.  My friend Sue Ann called it a whisper of love.  I had never seen it before and haven't since, but it was very uplifting.

A weekend of reading, relaxing and talking on the phone, and now back to another busy week, but mainly doing stuff around our house.  I do need to go into Bend to renew my driver's license, buy more printer ink, and am looking forward to lunch with my friend Jeri.   

Oh, a guy wanted permission to use info from my MSHA blog for his newsletter, and another man wanted permission to use the picture of my Mom's graduating class from nursing school so that he could hang it on the wall at his medical clinic.  I'm catching on!  Just trying to figure out how to make money from some of this stuff. 

That is enough for now, I suppose.  I hope that you all have a wonderful, wonderful week.


Kathy M.

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505whimsygirl said...

Hi Kathy,

Holy moly! What a transformation in your room!!! I should take some before photos of my living room. I cleaned out a rented storage unit and had to bring things back to my one bedroom condo. To say things are EVERYWHERE is an understatement!

The Day Care looks wonderful too. I see you carried over your clean and pick up energy!!

Have a wonderful week. Oh, love the heart!


Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Kay, yeah I guess that I have gotten back into it, lol. Oh, I feel for you; that is a lot of work!

Thanks so much for stopping by to see me. I'm headed your way soon.

Kathy M.

Kathy A. Johnson said...

You have been busy! Great job on the office. I'm sure you feel much better with everything tidied up. And that heart of the ceiling was awesome! I love little things like that.

Linda Reeder said...

You certainly transformed your office!
You also provided some valuable service for your friend.
You deserved that heart.

Sally said...

I need help to sort out my office and the spare room, they are mountains which I need to break down into molehills.

Lynn said...

Wow, you have been busy. Everything looks good! I LOVE the heart on the ceiling - it does seem God was thanking you! How special.

Anonymous said...

Your before and after pics have almost shamed me into cleaning my own office---"almost" being the operative word. :) And I'm not surprised your catching on. Your awesome pics are going to be on Oregon postcards and state websites someday. The very best part is that you love doing it!

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