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Friday, March 5, 2010

Old friends in my new life ....

Yesterday was fun.  Cary and I went for a drive.  I didn't even take one picture.  I love hanging out with my best friend husband.  It is my favorite thing in the world.  We went to lunch at the Mohawk Cafe, and then just kept on driving.

On the way home, Cary said, let's stop in The Pine Room (in Gilchrist) and say hi to Rick.  Rick is my girls' father, and he owns The Pine Room.  Sometimes I feel like going in there, and sometimes I don't.  I was really tired, but Cary had been driving the whole time and we had such a nice day that I said, okay, if that is what you want to do, then let's do it.

We walked into the lounge, and it was like old home week for me.  Rick gave me a big hug, which made me feel good.  It was mens bowling night, and a lot of my old friends were in there, as well as friends of Kari and Kristin.   I got the chance to get to know Krystal, Kari's good friend and Duffy's girlfriend better.  She is really neat.  Krystal and Kari are similar in their Drew Barrymore looks and the way they talk.  I see why they enjoy each other.  That was fun.

Then, Sonny and Summer brought in their new little baby, Chase, 4 months old.  I wanted to take a picture of him, but didn't.  What a cool baby.  He is so aware of people.  I melted when he looked at me and smiled.  Chase is just a doll.  The first grandchild of Duffy and Terri, and Kyle and Julia.  It was so neat.

It just topped off the great day, and made me feel happier.  My life seems fuller now that I got to touch base with those people; friends that I met ten years ago when I first started coming over to Central Oregon.



BECKY said...

Sounds like my kind of day! Being with your best-friend-husband, going on a little adventure, and seeing old friends!

Kathy at Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy Welcomes You! said...

Good morning, Becky! It was really fun. I like it when fun days incorporate healing from the past too.


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi Kathy....the pineroom is one of a kind! My dad's 70th birthday was there last April..and we celebrated...and played pool and shuffleboard...which I found out i LOVE. Need to go down again and play! cherry

Kathy at Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy Welcomes You! said...

Hi Cherry, it is a fun place isn't it? Clean, nice people and great food. Plus the smallest league sanctioned bowling alley this side of the Mississippi. Glad you guys had fun.


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