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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday's Sampler: The Week in Review

Hello Friends,

Whoa, what a week.  This is going to be a long post, so if you want to leave me a comment, you will need to scroll down to the very bottom.

Yesterday afternoon I was so wiped out that I could barely move.  I felt like one of the kids in the  "We Help Daddy"  book.  My best friend husband and I got up early.  I did computer maintenance; processed the pictures of our visit with "Sweet Baby James" and posted them on Facebook.  (I have been very busy scanning old family photos and putting them on there all week long in addition to everything else, but it was fun for me.)  Then, Cary and I went outside and pulled weeds for an hour. (That was a big deal for us, and is probably why we are so stiff and sore today).  Cary continued on with the yard-work, and I came inside to clean up and work some more on those t.v. blankets for Jack and Lisa's new kiddos.  

I am almost done with them, finally.  I just need to hand tie them with embroidery thread and then mail them out. 

At noon, we picked up Cary's mom, Darlene, and drove out to Twin Lakes Resort for lunch.  We ate outside on the patio.  I think that I will make another post about that, but here are a few pictures.  Also, I did a post about North and South Twin Lakes and Crane Prairie a couple of years ago, and you can " CLICK HERE " to check that out it if you want to.

Twin Lakes is the best place to go camping or swimming with kids around here, in my humble opinion.

These food pictures are especially for Gloria though, because she gets mad at me if I don't show what we ordered on here:

After we were done with lunch, we drove to Crane Prairie Resort, just to look around.  Here are a few of those pictures:

After we came home, I hit the couch and finished my book, "Crooked Little Heart" by Anne Lamott.  Stay tuned for the book report on that one.  I was also thinking about doing this post, and began to write down everything that we have done this week.  I realized that I had a reason for being tired, besides all that we had done that day.  Lots of good stuff, some bad stuff ... but this is a diary entry so I have decided to touch on most of it.

The highlight of the week was meeting the new baby.  On Friday, Darlene and I went to Subway, ordered a bunch of $6.00 footlongs to bring for lunch (great deal, that joint).  Then we went to the florist in La Pine to buy flowers for the new mom.  Our usual florist was out on deliveries, so we visited Mountain View Florist for the first time.  It was the neatest little place!  We met Kathy, the owner, and I'll be doing a blog post about her shop sometime soon.  

Here are some pictures of the new baby:

Samantha is a proud mama.

And like Great Grandma Darlene isn't proud?  
J.C. is her 25th great-grandchild.

This little guy is adorable!

Big sister Maykala is loving her baby brother.

Grandma Julia is the best.  
She is staying there for awhile to help out.

April, Maykala's mom, is holding the new guy as Maykala looks on.

Thanks for the new baby, Sam.  You did great!

Not everything this week was fun and games, but that how life is, unfortunately.  On my blog, I just try to focus on the good stuff, but our life is like everybody else's.  And, on FB, they either know or they don't, but I can't post it there.  The secret life of Kathy Matthews.  On Tuesday, I accompanied a young friend to the courthouse for an ongoing case against her father.  My nephew with mental illness acted out and scared us once again, bringing new worries for his safety and for the safety of others.  My son, who moved back to the valley and got a job (good news ... yay, Nigel!) came down with strep throat and I worry about him.  I talked to my Dad, and need to go and visit them while they are still in Oregon.  I feel guilty for not making the drive over to Eugene and must schedule that in. And, I feel guilty that I haven't made it into Bend to buy a copy of Hart's book yet.  I think that I'll just order it online.  There has just been so much packed in to this one week, and I am very glad that we had our serene time up the McKenzie before it hit us.

I want to apologize for not getting around to visit everybody in a timely manner, but I know that you understand.  I am behind.  We got home last Saturday from our little trip up the McKenzie, and those 300 or so photos have been keeping me busy.  I still have one more post to pull together about Belknap Springs.  I have been helping out at work a lot too, as summer is the busy season for construction and that is our business.   I promise to get back on track as soon as I can.  Thank you for your visits, and lovely comments ... they mean so much to me and I will never take my blog friends for granted.

I got a blog award from Sharon over at Strong Foundations  last week also, thank you very much!  I do appreciate it, but instead of doing what I am supposed to do, I think that I will tell you one thing about me and refer you to last week's shout-out to my blog friends instead.  The one thing about me that you may not know (I put it on here a long time ago) is that I was born with 6 fingers on my left hand, just like that bad man on The Princess Bride.  It had a fingernail, but not a bone, so they tied a string around it to cut of the circulation and it soon fell off and became a bump.  Gross!  One of my great-aunts fainted when she came to look at me through the window of the hospital nursery.  If you want to claim the award for yourself, here is a link to the real rules:  The Illuminating Blog Award.  

While I enjoy receiving blog awards and appreciate the sentiment behind them, sometimes they can be a lot of work.  They kind of remind me of forwards or chain letters.  Thank you, though.

Well, this is long enough.  Thanks for sticking in here to end up with the story about my finger, and I hope that you all have a wonderful week.

God bless,

~ Kathy M.

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Arkansas Patti said...

What a cutie patutie. That had to be a highlight of a busy time.
That fact was a bit of a shocker. Never heard of tying a string around an extra appendage to get rid of it though I understand the theory. Must have worked.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, what a sweet baby. At our family reunion this weekend, there was a week old baby. I was surprised they brought him. I'm sorry about the not so good parts but you're right, we all have them. (The story about your finger is ~ hmm, interesting, shall we say?) Have a great week.

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