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Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend in Review:

Last weekend was one of short family visits and eating well.  We didn't end up going to the family reunion, but we met up with other family members instead.  On Friday evening, we had a great dinner of comfort food (ham, potato salad, green beans, green salad and garlic bread) with my Mom, bro and SIL.

On Saturday, Cary's Mom took him out to dinner at "Our Place" in Cascade Meadows R.V. Park.  I was invited, but was too worn out to go.  They ordered chicken fried steak.  We are going to go there again on Tuesday for the all-you-can-eat tacos.  The prices have come down there and the food is delicious, as always (I had a bite out of Cary's to-go box).

Grandpa Cary with Garrett and Gage

Yesterday morning, we stopped by Cascade Meadows to visit with Cary's oldest daughter, Cheri, and her family.  Her husband's family were all gathered together getting ready to head up to Wikiup Lake for a few days.  I'm hoping that we will be able to visit them there over the next few days.

Gage, Me, Cary and Garrett

We left them and stopped by my Mom's cabin to get our ladder. Mom had already left to go back home, but I took pictures of the pretty paint job that she has been doing on the trim around her property.

This is one of my very favorite spots.  Nigel and I lived here for about 18 months when we first moved to La Pine.  Here is a link to what it looked like then:  "The Queen of Small Spaces: The Cabin".

I really enjoy the colors that she chose. 

I love our family, and appreciate them very much.  I am so glad that they are responsible folks.  It was such a contrast to what we came home to after leaving the cabin, a barrage of phone calls about irresponsibility and callousness towards some pets not being fed for a couple of days.  I'm not going to go into details, but I am so upset right now that I am going to have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I go to work this morning.  

It seems that the people who demand that you take care of their every need, won't go out of their way to help defenseless animals.  Why didn't the owner of the pets make sure that they had food?  Why didn't the kid giving them water make sure that when they didn't have food, report the problem to one of us so that they wouldn't go hungry?  I just don't understand the thought processes of some people.   It took a neighbor to figure out what was going on and get the ball rolling to make things right.  It is very frustrating, and the animals need another place to live in my opinion.

Well, that's that.  I'm kind of crabby this morning with what I need to do next, sorry.  I hope that you all had a great weekend, and a wonderful week coming up.  I did find time to sit in the sun, finish my book, clean house and work on my postcard project.  It was fun to not only make more, but to receive a couple of postcards from my friend Wendy in Virginia.  Thanks, Wendy!

Kathy M. 

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Little Nell said...

Kathy, I love your Mom's colour scheme and well done to her for doing it all herself. I'm glad you managed a fun weekend in the end (apart from on your return). As you saw on Facebook, we didn't do too badly ourselves!

nutschell said...

What a cute cabin! It's always great to spend time with loved ones.:)

Arkansas Patti said...

I love that cabin and could live there quite nicely. Small is good especially on house cleaning day.

Grammy Goodwill said...

It sounds like you had a good weekend until you came home. Sorry about that. The trim on the cabin does look good. I'm going to check it out next. So, you have a friend Wendy in VA who sends you postcards? What kind of postcards, since you now have another friend in VA, Patricia? hehehe

Retired English Teacher said...

The cabin is just darling. I would love a place like that.

I'm sorry you came home to chaos. That always makes the time away seem not as good a thing. Have a good week.

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